‘Scream Queens’: ‘Scream Again’ Finally Finds Show’s Screaming Voice!


After a giving fans an uneven first season in terms of tone and narrative purpose, Fox’s ‘Scream Queens’ returns with its head properly on its shoulders…or rather loped off.

The following contains very minor spoilers for ‘Scream Again’. Certainly nothing to scream about. Enjoy queens and kings.


Later year, I began covering Fox’s fright freshman series, Scream Queens. Created by Glee’s Ian Brennan, Brad Falchuk, not to mention television powerhouse Ryan Murphy, Scream Queens was ultimately a bundled mess.

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Focusing on a sorority silently being stalked by the murdering “Red Devil”, Scream Queens’ first season is far too uneven.

Consistently tap dancing between narrative, while attaching said story to a central protagonist, and a just-have-fun party atmosphere, the show never found its footing. But when it was fun, it was a blast. After all, if the tone is bloody blissful, storytelling can take a backseat like a newborn enjoying a summer drive with their parents- a entertaining ride indeed.

With Scream Queens’ Season 2 opener, cleverly titled Scream Again, this baby is all tone and little narrative. While normally this is a huge hindering for a show, but not here. With Scream Again, the episode has tone besting the sharpest barbershop quartet.

Therefore, it is simply fun, energetic, and well…more fun. Written by the triple-threat creators, the show’s gleefully bloody tone is aided by its amazingly random guest starts. John Stamos is a revelation as Dr. Brock Holt, and that’s only the tip of the iceberg. I won’t ruin, but one had me massively excited.

Also, I found it interesting that SC Season 2 is a continuation of year one. Originally, I thoughts was an American Horror Story type of situation. Only, Scream Queens would be the manically hilarious version- oh the contrary.

Keke Palmer as Zayday Williams in Brad Falchuk’s ‘Scream Again’- Courtesy of FOX

Moreover, Scream Again features a ton of Jamie Lee Curtis. Being a die-hard Halloween fan, I love every time she’s ever onscreen. Throw in the fact that Scream Queens Season 2’s setting is a hospital, reminding audiences of 1981’s Halloween II, and I’m in horror heaven. After all, Curtis is the only true Scream Queen in history. Period.

In addition, one last thing I’ll say about the actors in Scream Again – Emma Roberts is still scene-chewing great. Not only is she beautiful in every way (I think I’m developing a thing for the actress), she commands the other “Chanels” with the ease of a 30-year pro. Not bad for the 25 year-old actress.

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So, will Dean Munsch be revealing her master plan soon? Are “The Chanels” surviving life back on the outside? Is Zayday on her way to medical mayhem? Tune in next week, but keep trying to contain screaming until the next episode queens and kings.


Brad Falchuk ‘s Scream Again is a solidly directed party of an episode. It’s been a while since I’ve laughed this hard at a series; certainly never this much during SC year one. If you were a little taken back by the first season’s seemingly “Teen Mom” crowd presentation, give it another shot. Horror Heads, Scream Queens is finally the show it’s been screaming to be for over a year.


Check out a preview of next week’s episode, Warts and All, courtesy of Fox:

Finding Scream Again as refreshing as we are? Loving the fanatically fun new tone of the series? Let the scream queens and kings know what you think in the comment section below. Tune into Scream Queen,  Tuesdays 9:01/8:01c, only on FOX.