‘American Horror Story’: ‘Chapter 2’ Great Step In Nightmare Narrative


After giving ‘AHS’ fans an amazing start to ‘”My Roanoke Nightmare”, FX’s ‘American Horror Story’ continues its sensational sixth season with the next chapter of carnage involving family, fears, and high fright. Welcome to ‘Chapter 2’

The following review of ‘Chapter 2’ contains some spoilers. Head over to FX and visit “My Roanoke Nightmare” before reading. Enjoy the American Horror Review.

If It Was A Fight They Wanted. It was A Fight they were ganna get-Shelby

Last week, the horror world saw the return of American Horror Story, FX’s mega-popular show now in its sixth year. While I found myself enjoying the season opener, a large portion of the horror community seemingly found the docudrama angle a little too much tohandel.

Dubbed “My Roanoke Nightmare”, the first chapter in AHS season six is as polarizing as a piece of entertainment can be – I absolutely adore it. So, if you’re like me and enjoyed it, let’s be like baby Bob Segars and keep turning those pages till we land on Chapter 2.

Picking up immediately after the sensationally scary final moments of last week’s Chapter 1, “My Roanoke Nightmare’s” next chapter continues the perfect plotting of the season opener. Furthering the breakneck narrative momentum – while continuing the experimental docudrama framework – Chapter 2 is a vital episode for Season 6. While straddling the line between reality and the unreal, Chapter 2 is interesting for two reasons.

Sarah Paulson and Cuba Gooding Jr. in Michael Goi’s ‘Chapter 2’-Courtesy of FX

Firstly, the episode features heavy exposition in the form of our central characters finding a taped testimonial. On the outdated piece of technology, AHS is conveying highly essential information to the audience. Information AHS needs in its quest of effective storytelling. Moreover, had this information came later in the season, cheapening results would ensue. Not here; not on “My Roanoke Nightmare’s” watching eye.

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Secondly, the moments with Lee’s daughter Flora are extremely important. Usually, these moments are character scenes, adding vary little the plot. When watching Chapter 2, I found myself immediately turning against the scenes. Effective stories develop character though plotting. It’s a needed tool in telling stories about believable people while keeping narrative momentum.

So, I’m always looking out for unnecessary moments of character. Originally believing Flora’s scene were just that, I’m pleasantly reporting i was wrong – these are just the opposite. In fact, Flora, in terms of plot, is possibly the most important character of all this season.

Acting as “My Roanoke Nightmare’s” Danny from Stephen King’s timeless classic, The Shining, Flora is the vessel of spooky ploy for the audience. Without this, Lee (Flora’s mother), shouldn’t be focused on in any scenes exclusively (openers are fair game due to its job in world building early on). Luckily for us, this isn’t the case.

Also, the acting in Chapter 2 is amazing. I’ve said it before, even more so after watching his turn in The People Vs. OJ Simpson, but Cuba Gooding Jr. is sorely missed in visual entertainment. With Chapter 2, Gooding Jr. (Matt) is further proving a talent who can bring any character to life.

Furthermore, coming off a career high Emmy win, Sarah Paulson (Shelby) is killing it here. Her approach to every line is pitch perfect; I love watching her perform. Also, Angela Basset is great in Chapter 2. Hell, the whole cast is bring the gory goods here.

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So, will Matt and Shelby be forced to move from their newly acquired home? Will Lee stay focused and see Flora more? Is this hillbilly shenanigans or is there something sinister lurking? Stay tuned to FX Horror Heads to find out!


Michael Goi‘s Chapter 2 is a great addition to “My Roanoke Nightmare.” While not the best directed episode of TV (last shot is great), the writing by Tim Minear is heavy but effective. Chapter 2 features stellar acting, especially by Gooding Jr., and has even more terror tricks up its sleeve for the remainder of Season 6. American Horror Story is truly back people. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.


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