‘American Horror Story’: ‘Chapter 3’ Builds Horror House Foundation


After a shockingly underrated first 2 ‘Chapters’, FX’s ‘American Horror Story: My Roanoke Nightmare’ returns with a plot-driven episode in Chapter 3. Welcome back to my American Horror Review.

The following review of Chapter 3 contains some spoilers. I’d watch the episode first before coming to your horror home for my thoughts. Welcome to the American Horror Review.

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Last week, teaching fans much about its Season 6 villains, American Horror Story: “My Roanoke Nightmare” began laying groundwork. Exposition heavy in its attempt to set season narrative, “My Roanoke Nightmare” intelligently began its course to gory greatness.

This week, with Chapter 3, the exposition gets even heavier – not a bad thing. Intelligently placing its narrative foundation early in the season, “My Roanoke Nightmare” expanded upon what’s came before it. Giving us perspective on the season’s proposed villain, “MRN” did nice work in showing us a few of its creepy cards.

On top of that, Chapter 3 basically doubles as plotted police procedural. If you’ve been keeping up with AHS, you’ll know Flora has gone missing. In Chapter 3, because of that, the episode takes us on a journey with characters trying to find her. This ideology helps ground the series even more. Aiding the docudrama temple, this provides a great contrast to the season’s mythological mayhem. Also, plot driven entertainment is the most enjoyable and felt.

Leslie Jordan as Cricket Marlowe in “My Roanoke Nightmare’- Courtesy of FX

Also, as a side note, there’s a moment in Chapter 3 that had me rewinding the episode a few times…it’s amazing. I wouldn’t dare ruining it for you american historians here.

I assumed my reputation arrived before I did-Cricket Marlowe

Directed by Jennifer Chambers Lynch,  the cast of “My Roanoke Nightmare” is still producing amazing work. While the entire cast is brilliant, I simply can’t take my eyes off of Cuba Gooding Jr.. Playing Matt, Cuba is portraying a character we’ve yet to see him play. Reserved and methodically intelligent, the actor is present without overshadowing – a true mark of a screen talent. With the rest of the three main players being great (Sarah PaulsonAngela Bassett), and with guest stars Leslie Jordan and Kathy Bates adding amazement to the mix, Chapter 3 solidifies AHS Season 6 as a can’t miss event

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So, will Lee find Flora? Will Matt and Shelby move from their new home? Will the police be discovered part of the horrors happening to the family? Stay tuned to FX’s horror history class.


Jennifer Chambers Lynch‘s Chapter 3 is another great edition of American Horror Story: “My Roanoke Nightmare”. With Chapter 1 and 2 aiding in the nightmare narrative, Chapter 3 delivers on all fronts. One part procedural, and two parts scary goodness, Chapter 3 is keeping AHS’ stride to television terror perfection. Stay tuned horror historians. The scare season has just begun.


Check out a preview of next week’s Chapter 4, courtesy of FX:

Loving “My Roanoke Nightmare”? Wishing American Horror Story would have went in a different direction? Let the other horror historians know what you think in the comment section below.