‘Ash Vs Evil Dead’: Is ‘Home’ Where The Undead Bleeding Heart Is?


After an unforgettable first season, Starz’s ‘Ash Vs Evil Dead’ returns ‘Home’ with an amazing Season 2 opener. Welcome back you primitive screw-heads.

The following review of Home contains spoilers. Saw Starz in half and see the outing before reading. Enjoy the show Deadites.

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Last year, the unthinkable happened. After years of starting and stopping, the chronicles of the “Broomstick Butcher” began continuing – truly every Deadite’s best nightmare.

While premiering in TV form, abandoning the time confines of feature film, Ash Vs Evil Dead began on the Starz network. Keeping the blood, while amping up the comedy, The Evil Dead TV series was a welcoming return for Deadites everywhere.

Now, the sensational series returns…home. Titled Home, the 11th overall episode of Ash Vs Evil Dead is arguably the strongest outing of the show thus far. So let’s grab the Necronomicon and down to the undead dirt.

Lee Majors and Bruce Campbell in ‘Ash Vs Evil Dead’- Courtesy of Starz and Entertainment Weekly

For starters, Home is a bloody fast-paced ride. Packing more excitement than most series’ finales, Ash Vs Evil Dead’s Season 2 opener is  amazingly plotted. Before you know it, Home is over. Immediately, you’ll be reaching for the remote to replay.

We gave peace a chance. now it’s
time for war.- Ashley J. Williams

On top of that, we get season exposition along the way, which never weighs down the outing’s plot. Sometimes, sequels add exposition that feels inorganic. In Home, Ash gets a new nickname, we meet his father, and find out he’s the town villain…and it all works.

Moreover, Home is freaking hilarious. Taking cues from the last season, but adding more to the mix, I laughed many times watching the Season 2 opener. The comedy, added with gallons of blood, almost makes the series feel like Evil Dead II: Dead by Dawn: the show. I’m loving it thus far.

Also, is it me or is the production budget almost doubled. Because honestly, sets look better, the camera more expensive, and the blood and mayhem multiplied. This is the show what Evil Dead 4 was supposed to be and I’m damn glad it’s here.

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So, will Ash help Ruby and save the world yet again? Will the town’s people come around on ole “Ashy Slashy”? Will Pablo and Kelly finally get smart and leave? Keep looking to the Starz to find out Deadites.


Rick Jacobson‘s Home is one hell of a season opener. Moving faster that a train of terror, Home is evidence that Ash Vs Evil Dead Season 2 is going to a damn good time. Upping the production value, along with the gore and comedy, Home has finally given Ash Vs Evil Dead its places of residence among other horror shows today.


So, check out a preview of next week’s episode, The Morgue, courtesy of Starz:

Loving Ash Vs Evil Dead? Like what Home has to offer? Let the other Deadites know what you think in the comment section below.