‘American Horror Story’: ‘Chapter 4’ Moves Into Second-Act Story House


After three stellar ‘Chapters’, FX’s ‘American Horror Story’: “My Roanoke Nightmare” continues the amazement of Season 6 with ‘Chapter 4’. Welcome back to the American Horror Review.

The following review of AHS: “My Roanoke Nighmare”Chapter 4 contains some spoilers. I’d head over to FX for American history class before. Enjoy horror historians.


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When American Horror Story Season 6 premiered, many AHS fans immediately began dismissing the sixth season. Claiming the ingenious docudrama aspect boring and uneventful, some fans simply weren’t impressed.

But if you’re one of those fans, you likely didn’t click on this review, leaving the current American Horror Story season in the dust. So for the rest of the American history students here, let’s get down to the greatness of “My Roanoke Nightmare” Chapter 4.


For starters, Chapter 4 focuses on its two protagonists, Matt and Shelby Miller. While the series began drifting away from the two in lieu of overall narrative building recently, it’s now back on character track. Stories must be tied to protagonists, and Chapter 4 proves why this is a necessity.

Sarah Paulson as Shelby Miller in “My Roanokoe Nightmare”: ‘Chapter 4’- Courtesy of FX

Also, Chapter 4 carries narrative pacing like fright freight train. While the previous three Chapters did as well, Chapter 4 has more story exposition than any Chapter before. Much like the other outings, but better, Chapter 4 juggles current narrative with exposition perfectly. Eventually fusing the two together, the result is great. Truly, Chapter 4 is the beginning of the season’s second-act.

I meant the bitch with the real power.-Cricket Marlowe

Moreover, those claiming a lack of gore and horror get their bloody lust met in Chapter 4. It shocks me the amount of stuff that gets through on TV these days. I love it, but it’s insane. Why do we even have an MPAA and FCA anymore?

Lastly, the performances are the best they’ve been in Chapter 4. Cuba Gooding Jr. is again killing it, and Sarah Paulson too. But here, Kathy Bates and Lady Gaga are turning in top notch work. In fact, Lady Gaga continues to prove why she will one day be looked at as an actress who used to sing – she’s phenomenal.

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So, will Matt And Shelby die before leaving their “haunted house”? Will Flora’s life continue to be a bargaining chip between heroes and villains? Will Lee show back up in the future to rejoin the “Nightmare”? You’ll have to head over to FX for the next American history lesson.


Marita Grabiak‘s Chapter 4 is a fantastic addition an already stellar season of American Horror Story. While setting up the season’s nightmare narrative, even more than last week’s Chapter 3,  “My Roanoke Nightmare” is a brilliantly fun-ride everyone should be experiencing at home. Only, make sure you do a background check before moving in.


Check out a preview of “My Roanoke Nightmare” Chapter 5, courtesy of FX:

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