‘Ash Vs Evil Dead’: ‘The Morgue’ Will Make You Come Alive


After a brilliant opener, Starz’s ‘Ash Vs. Evil Dead’ continues it’s Season 2 greatness with ‘The Morgue’. Welcome back Deadites.

The following review of The Morgue contains tiny spoilers. You’ll be OK to check it out before you saw your way to Starz for the episode. Enjoy.


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Last week saw Starz bringing back one of the best series on television. After a surprising great first season, Ash Vs. Evil Dead again began showing why every horror fan should be subscribing to the Starz network.

Pulling off the momentum of the stellar Season 2 opener like a raging NASCAR vessel, The Morgue is truly amazing. Ash Vs.Evil Dead’s recent outing is great for many different magically macabre reasons. So, let’s rev up our chainsaws and get down to bloody business.

Firstly, The Morgue is one freaking hilarious. While every episode in the series implores a sadistically goofy time, The Morgue is next level. In fact, the scene in the actual morgue is one of the funniest moments I’ve ever seen on film. In the showcase career of Bruce Campbell, this moment is truly one of his best.

Lucy Lawless and Ray Santiago in Tony Tilse’s ‘The Morgue’-Courtesy of Starz

On top of that, Ash Vs. Evil Dead continues to add expositional mythology to the Ash character. While moving the current plot forward, it’s excellent to see Ash’s dad (Lee Majors). It’s completely obvious where Ash got his “Ashy Slashy” swag. Most times, adding so much mythology to a character later is a series doesn’t work. In Ash Vs. Evil Dead Season 2, it works shockingly well.

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Moreover, the chemistry between the “Ghost Beaters” is hitting an all-time high. Kelly (Dana DeLorenzo) has never been more bad ass. Pablo (Ray Santiago) has never been funnier and endearing. These qualities, mixing with Bruce Campbell’s brilliance, adds up to amazement. The three have never felt more like a family and it’s a treat to witness the connection. Simply put, this baby was cast perfectly.

Lastly, The Morgue’s plot is breakneck. Offering more story than most feature films, the episode is an adrenaline ride. Though often breaking up characters can be troublesome to plot pacing, it’s quite effective here. The moments play into one another perfectly, so it feels fast and not sluggish. It’s great to witness and I imagine most will feel the same.

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So, will Ruby and the “Ghost Beaters” finally rid the world of the Deadites once and for all? Will the town’s people leave ole “Ashy Slashy” alone? Will Ash and his father mend their broken fences? You’ll have to look up at the Starz and stay tuned to find out.


Tony Tilse‘s The Morgue is a great episode of television. Funny, energetic, and plotted, Ash Vs. Evil Dead solidifies it’s place among the best work in the history of television. While some may say it’s a bad time to be a horror fan – I stab to differ. Because this baby is the real dead deal.


Check out a preview of next week’s episode, Last Call, courtesy of Starz:

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