‘Ash Vs Evil Dead’: Is ‘Last Call’ First Strike In Season’s End Game?


After two gory great episodes, Starz’s ‘Ash Vs. Evil Dead’ continues to prove why its one of the best shows on television with ‘Last Call’. Welcome back Deadites.

The following review of Last Call contains minor spoilers. You’ll be fine to read before checking out Ash Vs. Evil Dead’s latest. Enjoy Deadites.


In the last two episodes of Ash Vs. Evil Dead, narrative is rolling like a bolder in an Indiana Jones film. Fast, fun, and frantically energetic, Home (pilot) leans on plot whereas The Morgue relays on stellar scenes of comedyBut both are, in fact, exciting episodes of television.

With this week’s Last Call, the third episode of Ash Vs. Evil Dead Season 2, we get even more quality. Borrowing from what made the last two outings work, both with their respective strengths, Last Call is truly a thrilling ride.

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Firstly, Last Call is tons of fun. Much like scenes in The Morgue, Ash Vs. Evil Dead’s latest is pushing story through moments of hilarity. Morgue has the scene with Ash’s head stuck up a corpse’s ass. In Last Call, the opening with the delta and the mechanical bull-off are amazing.

Believe it or not dad, but this is just my day job.- Ash Williams

Also, the episode’s script is basically split into A and B storylines – more than most Ash outings. Our heroes trying to find the Delta and the Necronomicon is one, while the kids who stole them are the other. What makes the kids side intriguing enough to not warrant complaint is it essentially turns into a Christine homage. The delta is a Deadite…and it’s awesome.

Bruce Campbell and Ray Santiago in Tony Tilse’s ‘Last Call’- Courtesy of Starz

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However, the time with Jefe and the “Ghost Beaters” is even better. Pablo (Ray Santiago) makes a hilariously brilliant speech. I’ve seen it five times, that speech, and laughed hard every time. Santiago’s comedic timing is incredible and underrated.

Also, much like Home, Last Call is pushing story fairly far. Ash breaks new ground with Brock. Kelly makes new allegiances. Ruby suggests she’s going rogue. And the town’s people think even more outrageous stuff about ole “Ashy Slashy”…or is it true?

Moreover, the direction is pretty sharp here by Tony Tilse. While not too frequent, there’re moments of direction bliss in Last Call. For example, one long-shot starts from outside the bar and slowly makes its way inside. Like a bar patron, Tilse moves the camera to impressive results here. The rodeo montage is also great and highly re-watchable.

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So, will Brock forgive Ash and learn the truth about the book? Will Kelly finally find what she’s looking for? Will anyone find the book? You’ll have to keep looking up at the Starz network for coming answers Deadites.


Tony Tilse‘s Last Call is another sensational episode of Ash Vs. Evil Dead. As sharp as chainsaw, Last Call is hilarious, fast paced, and highly entertaining. It seemingly has never been a better time to be a Deadite. Check it out Dead Heads. Last Call is just the beginning.


Check out a preview below of next week’s episode, DUI, courtesy of Starz:

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