‘Scream Queens’: ‘Halloween Blues’ Will Make You Red In The Face!


Now deep into Season 2, FOX’s ‘Scream Queens’ dishes out ‘Halloween Blues’, an episode leaning on character — always the show’s greatest export. Welcome to back Scream Queens and Kings.

The following review of Halloween Blues contains minor spoilers. You’ll be fine to check out the review and scream with us before watching. Enjoy!


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Since premiering it’s second season, FOX’s Scream Queens has been quite impressive. Starting with the amazingly titled Scream Again, Scream Queens continues to amp up the hilarious tone and abandon traditional narrative.

With this week’s outing, Halloween Blues, we get more hysterical  character interactions and even better one liners. More than any Season 2 episode, interactions between characters is at an all-time high here. This, of course, is a like chocolate milk and doughnuts — simply delicious.

So let’s talk about Halloween Blues‘ comedy for a moment. Now that Chad Radwell is dead, his mistress Denise Hemphill is hot on the case to track down the killer. We get crazy funny flashbacks between the two when sexually role playing. For example, the two do a “Brokeback Mountain” role play that was killing me.

Lea Michele as Hester Ulrich in ‘Halloween Blues’- Courtesy of FOX

I know Mike Myers played the bad guy. It was like the movie he did after ‘Wayne’s World’.-Denise Hemphill

Also, the day has finally come Screamers….IT’S CHANEL-O-WEEN AGAIN! Much like last year, we get insanely side-splitting “real” footage showing girls getting Chanel’s gifts. For any serious fan of Scream Queens, though I can’t believe I just typed that sentence, this is a great moment of bliss. I freaking love Chanel-O-Ween.

While there are many moments of hilarity, Halloween Blues is also pushing the “Green Meanie” story along. Hester is up to her old ways again, and while this could be dismissed as such, I have a feeling it’s going to play into who the “Green Meanie” is. In fact, I think it will tie into the first season. And that Scream Queens and Kings, and amazing!

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So, will Hester be revealing ties to the new killer? Will Chanel live without Chad Radwell in her life? Will Denise Hemphill find her lover’s killer? You’ll have to keep screaming as FOX in the coming weeks to find out.


Loni Peristere‘s Halloween Blues is another stellar episode of Scream Queens. Solidly directed and sharply written, Halloween Blues is a blast. Further establishing Season 2 as the premiere season to watch, Scream Queens can’t stop having fun. And the thing is, we can’t stop either.


Check out a preview below of Scream Queen’s next outing, Chanel Pour Homme-icide, courtesy of FOX:

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