The Walking Dead: Top 5 Characters Who Had It Coming

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The Governor (David Morrissey) – The Walking Dead – Season 3, Episode 16 – Photo Credit: Gene Page/AMC

1. The Governor

At least up until Season 7— we’ll see how all this Negan stuff plays out— The Governor is by far the series’ baddest villain. He shows his true colors early on with a fascination with walker heads in fish tanks. He orders the deaths of others just to take their belongings. He wants everyone who’s not a part of Woodbury dead.

His Woodbury army loses in their attempt to overtake the prison. In a rage, the Governor mows them all down with a machine gun because of this. His remaining henchmen abandon him because he’s clearly too far gone.

But the Governor never gets the prison out of his head. After organizing a new militia, he returns to the prison with a tank. He cuts off Hershel’s head and causes the complete annihilation of the prison. So many people are killed because of the Governor’s insanity.

In his last moments, the Governor nearly kills Rick. As he strangles Rick on the ground, Michonne stabs the Governor through the chest to finally stop the madman. As he lay dying on the ground, his new girlfriend Lilly ends him completely with a bullet in the head.

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The Governor is an incredible villain who added a lot to the series, but seeing him go is very satisfying. If Negan kills one of our favorite characters, let’s hope he can be taken out in a way as satisfying as this was.