‘The Walking Dead’ Premiere Death Scenes Were Filmed Last Year


They lied to us! It turns out the big deaths from The Walking Dead Season 7 premiere were already filmed a year ago.

When Season 6 of The Walking Dead was over, people were furious. Viewers felt cheated by the cliffhanger. AMC would suffer through fan backlash with accusations it was all a cheap ratings ploy. Even I complained that I’d never trust the show again.

During this time, however, Chandler Riggs hopped on Twitter for some damage control. At the time, he claims that even he had no idea who dies. It’s the first of many instances where actors from the show would say that none of them would know who dies until they began filming Season 7.

However, at some point, Tyler James Williams (who played Noah) said that they were lying. According to Williams, they definitely knew who it was. But the story didn’t get much attention, with the consensus remaining that everyone in the cast was in the dark.

Now, we have the real story, straight from one of the victims. Michael Cudlitz, who plays the recently departed Abraham, is now revealing the truth. And that is that everyone definitely knew the whole time because the death scenes were filmed a year ago.

"“We filmed the scene about a year ago. It was literally the last episode of last year. We usually finish filming just before Thanksgiving and we had finished filming that one just before Thanksgiving. I had been sitting with it and Steven Yeun had been sitting with it — it’s been sitting with the rest of the cast for a year now.”"

Cudlitz confirms that the rumors in the media about the cast not knowing were all false. These stories were deliberately planted by AMC. But don’t be mad at the actors for lying to us. As Cudlitz explains, it gave him and the others much more breathing room. For at least five months, people couldn’t prod them for more information if they could claim that they really didn’t know.

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