‘Ash vs Evil Dead’: Is ‘DUI’ A Little Too Drunk To Drive Narrative?


After three stellar episodes of Season 2, Starz’s ‘Ash vs Evil Dead’ delivers a slightly drunk episode in ‘DUI’. But is it too impaired to drive Season 2’s narrative?

The following review of DUI contains minor spoilers. You’ll been fine to read the review’s passages before watching. Enjoy Deadites.


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When Starz began airing Ash vs Evil Dead this year, the show returned with the force of a fright train. Upping production value, while delivering hilariously efficient serialized storytelling, Season 2 improves on the first in big ways. Then DUI happened.

Honestly, DUI isn’t that bad but it’s nowhere near as good as the previous three outings. Picking up immediately after the events of Last Call, DUI does many things right and wrong. So let’s get down to sawing this baby in half.

First, let’s start with the strengths. Like almost every Ash vs Evil Dead episode, DUI is fast and fierce. The story moves quickly and, intelligently so, keeps dialogue intertwining with plot. This is something a lot of showrunners and screenwriters seemingly don’t underrated.

Ray Santiago as Pablo in Michael J. Bassett’s ‘DUI’-Courtesy of Starz

Also, DUI is hilarious. Written by Ivan Raimi, the episode features scenes with Bruce Campbell and Ted Raimi together exclusively and the moments are hilarious bliss. This is, of course, due to their life long friendship. And, just because it just popped up due to my viewing DUI again as I write this, the moment Ash rides up on the now demented Delta to save Pablo is amazing.

Fate is a cruel mistress Pablo.-Ash Williams

Then there is the bad. Again not terrible, but DUI splits characters up completely. Pablo is doing something, Ash is doing another, and Ruby and Kelly are off on another mission. While the Ash and Pablo stuff eventually connect, it still otherwise feels it’s weight. It’s only a half hour show, and Ash vs Evil Dead works best when the “Ghost Beaters” are together. That said, the end featuring Ash and Pablo’s threads meeting is great.

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So, will the book stay gone forever? Will Baal resurrect and wreak havoc? Will the “Ghost Beaters” reunite? You have to keep reading the Starz Necronomicon to find out Deadites.


Michael J. Bassett‘s DUI surely has its strengths and weaknesses. Any other show would beg to have an episode this good, but in terms of previous Ash vs Evil Dead outings, its flawed. Then again, I’ve seen it four times and I’ve liked it more and more. So maybe I’m being an ass. Either way, fans will still enjoy DUI….just don’t drink and watch. Actually, yes, do that. Until next time Deadites.


Check out a preview of the next episode, Confinement, courtesy of Starz:

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