‘Ash vs Evil Dead’: Should You Confide In The Carnage Of ‘Confinement’?


Now deep into its second season slate, Starz’s ‘Ash vs Evil Dead’ delivers its best and boldly brilliant episode to date. Welcome to ‘Confinement’.

The following review of Confinement contains minor spoilers. You Deadites will be fine to read before viewing Ash vs Evil Dead’s latest. Enjoy.


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There comes a time in a TV season’s overall story where the second-act truly kicks in. Properly telling its narrative like a long-form feature film, there’s always an episode that should kick in the season’s narrative; Confinement is just that episode.

Written by William Bromell, Confinement finally unleashed its agonizing antagonist — the bloody badass Baal. Revealing himself in the flesh, Baal is changing the landscape of Ash vs Evil Dead . Cool and collected, Baal is something the entire series and films have lacked for years. To have a central antagonist for the world of Evil Dead will do wonders for the series and overall canon.

Then there’s the structure of Confinement. After taking inspiration John Carpenter’s Christine (based on the Stephen King book) in the last two outing, Confinement is seemingly using Assault on Precinct 13 as inspiration — the majority of the episode takes place in the local jail. After Ash is arrested for murder, the “Ghost Beaters” reunite to break him loose. Only, they never expected Baal to be waiting. The results are amazing.

Lucy Lawless and Bruce Campbell in ‘Ash vs Evil Dead Season 2: Confinement’-Courtesy of Starz

Moreover, the episode is plotting expertly. After opening with a stellar cold open, which establishes Baal, Confinement is more focused than a law student trying to pass the bar. Every scene plays into each other, and there’s no hopping around in narrative points. Honestly,  I wish more TV were plotted like Confinement.

You’re ganna die slowly. Like these maggots-Baal

Lastly, the direction is great, probably the best work this season thus far, and the performers are bringing the goods. Directed by Michael J. Bassett, the filmmaker gets every ounce of actor juice from the cast. While featuring great camerawork, every actor here gets their moment. Only, it never weighs down the narrative, in fact, it enhances the proceedings.

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So, will Baal be stopped before it’s top late? Will The Necronomicon make its return or be lost forever? Will Ash get over loosing Brock? You’ll have to keep looking to the Starz to find out Deadltes.


Michael J. Bassett’s Confinement is the best episode of Ash vs Evil Dead in the show’s history. While It’s not only plotting sharply, Confinement delivers thrills and chills while introducing a new “big bad.” Fans will devour Confinement like a hobo with a ham sandwich, and be begging Ash to use the ole chainsaw to cut it in half. And in fact, this episode will wet the whistles of new fans as well. Until next time Deadites.


Check out a preview of the next episode,Trapped Inside, courtesy of Starz:

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