‘Ash vs Evil Dead’: Is ‘Trapped Inside’ Outside Realm of Standard TV?


Now on the back half of Season 2, ‘Ash vs Evil Dead’ continues delivering an improvement over Season 1. Welcome to ‘Trapped Inside’ Deadites.

The following review of Trapped Inside contains major spoilers. Don’t read the review’s passages before watching Ash vs Evil Dead’s latest. Enjoy.


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When Ash vs Evil Dead was in the beginning stages of development, I was admittedly against the series. While the thought of more Ash was more appetizing than half off appetizers at Applebee’s, I wanted a fourth film. For years, Evil Dead 4 was constantly being talked about. Only Deadites, I never thought an Evil Dead series could be this great.

And that greatness is shown in this week’s Ash vs Evil Dead outing, Trapped Inside. Picking up after the amazing Confinement, Trapped Inside may actually be the best episode of Ash vs Evil Dead yet—which is what I said last week’s about Confinement. Deadltes, it’s certainly close.

Firstly, Trapped Inside is plotting its self brilliantly. Much like Confinement, Trapped Inside is fast, fierce and energetic. While not wasting time, the episode mixes many characters together effortlessly.

Lucy Lawless, Ray Santiago, and Dana DeLorenzo in ‘Ash vs Evil Dead: Trapped Inside’-Courtesy of Starz

So you’re Baal? Good. Cause I’m carving you up next.-Ash Willaims

Moreover, all of the Evil Dead mythology and references are phenomenal in Trapped Inside. From the the floating “Deadite” shots, to the return of Ash’s sister, Ash vs Evil Dead’s latest is packed with touches from the 1981 original masterpiece. In fact, Cheryl showing up is already one of the top moments in all my years obsessing horror. It’s freaking awesome Deadites.

Also, Trapped Inside features some damn fine acting, particularly from Dana Delorenzo. I’d say in an episode otherwise action packed with memorable Evil Dead moments, the actress really standing out is impressive. Her lines are great and she’s one of my favorite female characters of all-time to watch. I would talk about how amazing big Bruce Campbell is…but come on….do we really need to?

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So, will Baal be scarily successful getting rid of Ash Williams? Will Pablo literally become The Necromonicon? Can The “Ghost Beaters” finally defeat evil? You’ll have to keep looking to the Starz to find out.


Mark Beesley’s Trapped Inside helps solidify Ash vs Evil Dead’s status as the most underrated show on TV. Trapped Inside is not only action-packed, it features a lot of Evil Dead lore. Fast and efficiently plotted, Trapped Inside is one of those episodes where you itch with excitement until next week. Which is fine, just don’t scratch with a chainsaw. Until next time Deadites.


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