‘American Horror Story’: ‘Chapter 9’ Gets Finale Ready For Rawness


With only two episodes left, FX’s ‘American Horror Story’ introduces new characters and crazy situation. Welcome in ‘Chapter 9’.

The following review of Chapter 9 contains major spoilers. Do not attend this American Horror History class before doing your viewing homework. I don’t want to ruin anything. Enjoy Historians.


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With almost its entire sixth season in the books, American Horror Story gives us an interesting penultimate episode. Simply titled Chapter 9, just like the previous eight “My Roanoke Nightmare” outings, the newest episode is quite interesting. So get your highlighters out cause it’s time to go to class Horror Historians.

For starters, Chapter 9 introduces new characters. Though it’s late in the gory game, and a little weird to have new faces show up before the finale, it seemingly works here. What makes this work is the fact that these new people are basically a plot device. On top of that, the way these characters intergrate into “Return to My Roanoke” narrative is stellar. While skeptical at first, I became impressed after every drop of blood spills.

Taissa Farmiga and cast in Alexis Ostrander’s ‘Chapter 9’-Courtesy of FX

Moreover, this episode is freaking grizzly. In a nice nod to the legendary Cannibal Holocaust , there’re characters who are burned alive in Chapter 9. While this isn’t the first time this happens this year, you actually see the tribe committing the act here. It’s quite a shocking moment in television and one that is pushing the barrier of cable horror.

I run a fan site. Army of Roanoke-Sophie Green

Then there’s the ending. Written by Tim Minear, an entity is possessing Lee (did I miss something here?) and stalking the remaining characters. This leads to her and Audrey being the only ones left alive. When Audrey sees Lee, who’s already killed Monet Tumusiime, she grabs a cop’s gun and dies herself. What confuses me is the Lee possession ultimately. I felt this is a little off, but if I fail to see the set-up please let me know in the comment section. Other than that, it’s a pretty solid ending.

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So, will Lee be exposed for her crimes, regardless of possession? Will any of the fallen characters get their redemption? Will there be another “My Roanoke Nightmare” (haha probably not?) Keep attending FXU to find out Historians.


Alexis Ostrander‘s is one of the weaker episodes of American Horror Story: “My Roanoke Nightmare”. Which, of course, isn’t a bad thing giving how great Season 6 has been thus far. With the finale around the corner, it’s going to be interesting how this baby turns out. Here’s hoping Chapter 10 ends this season on a really high note. And from the looks of the preview, it’ll be at least a decent angle from an already inventive season of television.


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