Ash vs Evil Dead: Is Kelly Maxwell The Best Female Character On TV?


With ‘Ash vs Evil Dead’ well into its second season, we have only one question to ask fans: Is Kelly Maxwell the best female character on television?

Warning. The following contains major spoilers for Ash vs Evil Dead Season 2. Do not continue if you are not caught up with the Starz series.

When Ash vs Evil Dead originally started, I honestly had no idea what to expect. While I’ve been a fan of the classic fright franchise for decades, the new series was an open book when approach was near. Would Ash be more mature in the time since 1993’s Army of Darkness? How would the Deadites again be released from “The Book of the Dead?” Would there be any new characters worth keeping around? Only time would tell the truths behind the new Evil Dead television series.

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Luckily, Ash vs Evil Dead became one of the best shows on television. Tightly plotted while fast and energetic, the Evil Dead series is a brilliant ride every Sunday night on the Starz network. When premiering, the first season was more that just buckets of blood and boatloads of laughs. Not only was the show a great continuation of the Evil Dead franchise, Ash vs Evil Dead was introducing new characters.

And one of the best things about Ash vs Evil Dead is Kelly Maxwell. Brought to life by Dana DeLorenzo, a part of the now famous “Ghost Beaters”, Maxwell is a great addition of the Evil Dead mythology. But is she the best female character on television?

Dana Delorenza as Kelly Maxwell in ‘Ash vs Evil Dead’- Courtesy of Starz

Evil Dead Heads,  I say yes. Once a worker of Value Shop, a store also employing Ashley J Williams, now the woman is a badass Deadite slayer. And this is for many different reasons. So let’s say a few incantations from The Necronomicon while I break this down shall we.

For starters, Kelly Maxwell is strong beyond compare. While Pablo may be timid and seemingly in the service of others, Maxwell forges her own path. And that’s not to say she’s selfish, but just strong and confident. Not only is Kelly Maxwell loyal to the “Ghost Beaters”, as evident in her epic speech to Pablo in last week’s Trapped Inside, she wants to kill all Deadites. No matter the cost, she’s ready to rid the world of undead scum.

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Moreover, she’s tough as nails. Expanding on the confident side of Kelly, Maxwell is often as strong as Ash. That right, you didn’t read that wrong. This woman is as tough as the greatest Deadite slayer the world has ever seen. Just look at any episode this season. Whether it’s taking out Sheriff Thomas Emery at the morgue, going head to head with Deadites with Ruby, or keeping rednecks at bay, there’s seemingly nothing she can’t do. Not to mention he’s simply beautiful while doing it. Beautiful and badass…that my kind of woman.

Therefore, Kelly Maxwell is the best female character on TV. While I haven’t seen much of Showtime’s Homeland or Netflix’s Orange is the New Black, both featuring strong female leads, I believe this to be true. Not only is she strong and courageous, Dana Delorenzo’s Kelly Maxwell could have her own spin-off that I’d watch every week. Maxwell is a character girls can look up to. Only, they probably shouldn’t cuss as much. Then again, I curse like a salior, so curse away.

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So, do you think Kelly Maxwell is the best female character on TV?

Loving ‘Ash vs Evil Dead this season? Like Kelly Maxwell? Let the other Deadites know what you think in the comment section below. Check out ‘Ash vs Evil Dead’ Sundays at 9pm, only on Starz.