‘Ash vs Evil Dead’: Should ‘Delusion’ Be Committed or Commended?


After a brilliant second season thus far, Starz’s ‘Ash vs Evil Dead’ delivers the series’ worst episode to date. Welcome to ‘Delusion’.

Warning. The following review of Ash vs Evil Dead’s latest, Delusion, contains major spoilers. Do not continue reading the review’s passages until you see the episode. Enjoy Deadites.


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So far, Starz’s Ash vs Evil Dead has been delivering its second season like your favorite pizza joint — fast and dementedly delicious. While tightly plotting itself, the series has been mixing characters, new “Ash” exposition, and mayhem with ease. It’s certainly been one of the best times I’ve ever had watching a season of a television show. However, Delusion puts a stop to that really quickly.

Directed by Mark Beesley, Delusion is bad for many many different reason. In fact, the seventh Ash vs Evil Dead episode of Season 2 is bad mostly do to huge script problems. So let’s sharpen those chainsaws as I get down to making Delusion a little more clearer.

For starters, Delusion stops the show’s previously tight plotting dead in its tracks. Written by Hank Chilton, the episode neglects the “real” Pablo, Kelly, and Ruby. Sure, it’s all about Baal’s attempt to make a puppet out of Ash, which is the main storyline, but not having the side characters around really holds things up. While this was the intend of the episode — make it all in Ash’s head and up the isolation, this ends up weighing the narrative down.

Bruce Campbell as Ash Williams in ‘Ash vs Evil Dead: Delusion’- Courtesy of Starz

Furthermore, how some of the side character’s are used is insanely stupid in Delusion. Kelly is fellow mental patient, Ruby a nurse, and Pablo is an orderly against Ash; the last one really gets at me. Why would Ash manifest Pablo as a hateful orderly, hellbent on taking El Jefe down? Is this Baal’s intention or was this random by the screenwriters? They should’ve had both Kelly and Pablo as inmates. Ultimately, this simply doesn’t work.

I know who you are. You’re that demon Bill.. Oh Sorry. BAAL! -Ash Williams

Moreover, the ending is terrible. So Ash is so weak he’d actual kill members of the gang? The idea of having Ash be a villain in the show to the three others, however brief, is a huge mistake. He’s the freaking protagonist. He can’t be both.

And….don’t even get me started on the freaking “Ash” puppet.

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So, will Ash take out Ruby and the rest of The “Ghost Beaters”? With El Jefe destroy the Necronomicon? Will Baal control “Ashy Slashy” for good? You’ll have to stay tuned to Starz to find out.


Mark Beesley‘s Delusion is chainsaw-hands down the worst episode of Ash vs Evil Dead thus far. While the Evil Dead opening is great for nostalgia, the episode is too experimental and metaphorical for its own good. Ultimately, Delusion simply doesn’t hit the mark because of too many mistakes. While the episode is a showcase for Bruce Campbell’s acting abilities, what the veteran has to work with is little. Here’s hoping next week Ash vs Evil Dead gets back on track. Until next time Deadites.


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