‘Ash vs Evil Dead’: ‘Home Again’ Brings It With Loads Of “Evil Dead II” Lore


With two episodes left in its spectacular second second, Starz’s ‘Ash vs Evil Dead’ gives us its most “Evil Dead” episode yet in the penultimate ‘Home Again”. Welcome back Deadites.

Warning. The following review of Home Again contains massive spoilers. Do not read the review’s incantations before being caught up on Ash vs Evil Dead. Enjoy.


After Pablo takes out Baal, while loosing his life in the process, Ash is heavily mourning the death of the one who calls him “El Jefe”. But when Ash has the idea to travel through time and fix his past mistakes, the gang over shoots their destination. Now the Deadites are as strong as ever and Ash must fight an enemy from his past. And if he’s not careful, the book will be the least of his problems. Welcome to Home Again.


In the previous Starz’s Ash vs Evil Dead, Ashy Slashy, the gang took the biggest hit yet. While vanishing Baal back to darkness, Pablo lost his life in the good fight against evil. Ever since, I’ve been freaking depressed as Pablo is one of my favorite characters on TV. Only, this week’s Home Again attempts to change that by going back to 1982. But should the horror series went that route?

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Ultimately I say yes. While I do have problems with the episode, Home Again is a blast. We’ll get to what doesn’t work here, while small stuff, later. For now, let’s talk about what’s amazing in Ash vs Evil Dead’s latest.

For starters, there’s so much iconography from the Evil Dead film series. In fact, Home Again is the most “Evil Dead” episode thus far. Because the gang travels back to 1982, we touch upon beloved moments and ideas from the film series. Written by Rick Jacobson, I was freaking out at all the references.

Ash dealing with the heinous Henrietta in ‘Ash vs Evil Dead: Home Again’- Courtesy of Starz

Those classic series moments in Home Again include, but aren’t limited too: More of Sam Raimi’s floating “Deadite” cam, Ash having another one of his appendages possessed (and attempting to cut it off), stepping on a nail to hilarious results, trees trying to “branch bang” more lovely ladies, and the return of Henrietta. And guess who’s playing her?!…..TED RAIMI!

You better read that spell right now, or we’re all ganna be Pablo.- Ash Williams

As for the acting, this baby belongs to Bruce Campbell. Sure, Ted Raimi returning to play Henrietta is brilliantly delicious, but Home Again is a showcase for the former Burn Notice actor. Much like Sam Raimi’s Evil Dead II, Bruce Campbell shows his brilliance in the episode. Many actors can’t take full control of a camera like Campbell and it’s amazing to see.

But if I had one complaint, it’s the little conveniences Home Again tries to take. How did Ash know that the specific passage was a time traveling one? And it’s right on Pablo’s exposed upper chest? Also, so how exactly does time traveling with The Necronomicon work? And it takes you wherever you want and all you do is think it? This is a problem for me in Home Again but I digress.

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So, will Ash be successful in resurrecting Pablo? Will Kelly and Ruby be able to help? Will the gang be stuck in 1982 forever? You’ll have to keep looking to the Starz to find out Deadites.


Rick Jacobson‘s Home Again a blast from the past…literally. While there’re a few problems with the episode, it’s a small complaint in an otherwise stellar half-hour of television. Fans of the Evil Dead series will be extra happy with Home Again as the series has never been more like the film series. And all the new Deadites out there will find more than enough to enjoy.


Loving ‘Ash vs Evil Dead’? Thinking ‘Home Again’ could be better? Let the other Deadites know what you think in the comment sections below.