‘Ash vs Evil Dead’: Season 2 Finale ‘Second Coming’ Is First Rate


With only one episode left, Starz’s ‘Ash vs Evil Dead’ delivers the gory goods with an incredible Season 2 finale, ‘Second Coming’. Welcome back Deadites.

The following review of Second Coming, Ash vs Evil Dead’s latest, contains major spoilers. I’d catch up on the series before reading the review’s incantations. Enjoy.

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After being stuck in the basement fighting Henrietta, not to mention 1982, Ash must fight his way out if he hopes to survive. But when Baal returns with a younger, much darker Ruby, the remaining crew must face incredible odds if they hope to rid the world of evil for good. Being in the past isn’t the problem. Staying alive in the present is. Welcome to Second Coming.


We’re finally here Deadites. After everything “The Ghost Beaters” have went though, including traveling back to 1982, Starz’s Ash vs Evil Dead ends in epic fashion with the finale of its highly improved second season. So what makes this finale a cut above the rest? Now you’re asking the real questions. Let’s get into this baby.

For starters, Second Coming truly feels like the culmination of the nine episodes that precede it. In fact, it’s the payoff off the entire series thus far. Written by Luke Kalteux, Second Coming is the official end of Season 2 but it’s more the end of both seasons as the reset button is applied at the end of the episode. And guys, this is one hell of an ending.

Ash (Bruce Campbell) trying to save humanity in ‘Ash vs Evil Dead: Second Coming’- Courtesy

Moreover, the mega fight between Baal and Ash Williams is freaking brilliant. Directed by Rick Jacobson, the final fight is an Evil Dead fan’s dream. Involving Ash’s past, Baal “chainsawing” it up, and Ash loosing his newly minted hand, Second Coming is the finale Evil Dead deserves. Oh yeah, you didn’t read that wrong…ASH GETS HIS HAND BACK!…for a bit.

Brand spanking new hand…or brand new spanking hand?- Ash Williams

Furthermore Deadites, Second Coming sets up a new era of Ash vs Evil Dead poignantly. While the future will no doubt involve Ruby once again, this is a fresh start for the series. Evil is vanquished, Ash is a hero, and the Deadites are a thing of the past….for now. While the series will hopefully have a life lasting many years down the line, I’m happy if this were the last we saw of the team.

So, how long will dark Ruby wait before striking? Will the town keep “Ashy Slashy” as their hero? Is Pablo fully rid of the book? You’ll have to keep looking to the Starz to find out — a year from now when Season 3 begins.


Rick Jacobson‘s Second Coming is a blast of a finale from Ash vs Evil Dead. With great action sequences, solid dialogue, and a truly felt conclusion, Second Coming is a classic example of how to end a season properly. While I’m happy with the ending, I’ve never been more excited for a series to return in my life. Next October can’t come soon enough. See you next year Deadites.


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