‘Scream Queens’: ‘Drain The Swamp’ Is A Finale Worth Screaming About


With only the finale left, Fox’s ‘Scream Queens’ give us an interesting and wholly satisfying conclusion to Season 2.

The following review of Drain the Swamp features major spoilers. Check yourself into the episode before reading the review’s medical charts. Enjoy screamers.


Now with only two “Green Meanies” left, the C.U.R.E Institute group are in less danger–if that were possible. But when one killer wants to go out with a bang, and the other full of regrets, the end game is compromised for the killers and our gang stuck in the middle. With time running out, the group must act fast or the morgue will be all booked up for weeks. Welcome to Drain the Swamp.


We’re finally here screamers. With so much carnage in Scream Queens Season 2’s rearview, we’ve come to the end of this journey. So sit back, keep those devices fired up and hot, and allow me to get into the pros and cons of Scream Queens’s Season 2 finale, Drain the Swamp.

I just remembered a scene from ‘The Hills Have Eyes 2!’-Hester

Firstly, I’ll start with the cons. While not many, one of the biggest cons of the finale is treating the first half of Drain the Swamp like just another episode. Throughout, I was sitting in my office thinking “There is way too much characters stuff going on here to be a finale.” Finales should be all narrative and plotting, or plotting payoff, if you will.

Hester doing her best Dean Munsch in ‘Scream Queens: Drain the Swamp’- Courtesy of Fox

Also, the other con is mentioning this year’s presidential election. Unless you’re some type of masochist, you’re no doubt tired of hearing about Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump. Personally, I’d like my entertainment to stay away from that. I mean, the episode is called Drain the Swamp.

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But, let’s move on to the pros shall we. Firstly, the last 10 minutes of the episode is freaking stellar. Written by co-creators Ian Brennan and Brad FalchukDrain the Swamp not only involves every character in the climax, including the return of Zayday (which made me very happy), there’s a moment involving Chanel #3 that had me kind of choked up. It’s really a remarkable scene made of moments seemingly not of importance ultimately; I was ecstatic to be wrong horror heads.

Furthermore, Drain the Swamp features the return of my girl….DENISE HEMPHILL!!! Thought to be previously a goner, basically, I was freaking out when she arrived. I already lost my other favorite character, Chad Radwell, and I was loving her return. Niecy Nash, who plays Hemphill, steals the show immediately when she appears.

And lastly, the montage at the end is amazing. With everyone seemingly doing well, including a devious move by Hester, there’s a return of a Season 1 character that is amazing. Here’s hoping we see the payoff in a third season.

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Ian Brennan‘s Drain the Swamp is a ultimately a great ending to the mayhem of Scream Queens Season 2. After a rocky start, the finale really ends in epic fashion and to a wholly satisfying conclusion. Fans of Scream Queens will love what they find in Drain the Swamp as this is a huge improvement over Season 1. See you next time scream queens and kings.


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