‘Scream Queens’: ‘Lovin The D’ Is Demented And Delightfully Delicious


With only two episodes left, Fox’s Scream Queens gives us a step down from the previous outing while still being stellar with the penultimate ‘Lovin the D’.

The following review of Lovin the D contains major spoilers. Do not read this mayhem medical chart until you’ve seen the Scream Queens episode. Enjoy.


Looks Like We’re gonna need to call a “Green Meanie” Summit- Hester

With three “Green Meanies” running around the C.U.R.E Institute, everyone is seemingly the next to die. But when the three begin to decided who kills who, that process is expedited. These beasts are hungry, and if Chanel isn’t careful, she could become the main course. Welcome to Lovin the D.


Last time, Fox’s Scream Queens gave us arguably its best yet in Rapunzel, Rapunzel. A surprising amount of plot momentum, and a slightly more serious attempt at narrative, helped make it special. With Lovin the D, we get some greatness but also some lacking material. So let’s check those medical records and we’ll get into this.

For starters, Lovin the D is downright hysterical. While the whole episode was making me laugh throughout, the “Green Meanie Summit” is particularity great. In an episode featuring Brooke Shields, we get one of the greatest TV moments all year. If you’ve seen the episode, you’ll know what I mean. For everyone else, I’ll trying my best to relay this brilliance.

Brooke Shields as Dr. D Lovin in ‘Scream Queens: Lovin the D’- Courtesy of Fox

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So in Rapunzel, Rapunzel, we found out the third “Green Meanie” is Wes, Grace’s father from Season 1. Also, he really wants to kill the Queen of The Chanels, Chanel Oberlin herself. So Hester calls a meeting of the three killers to figure out who will kill who. This turns into a demented game show of sorts and it’s truly side-splitting.

Then there’s the stuff that wasn’t so great. Sure, some won’t mind it, but I loved the plotting of the previous outing. The Zayday stuff is great there and provides nice plot momentum. Here, however, we seemingly get more funny and less story. While not too damaging, I’d say Lovin the D should be plotting more.

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So, will Chanel finally meet her maker? Will the three “Green Meanies” get on the same page? Will Dean Munsch finally get Dr. Brock? You’ll have to admit yourself to Fox to find out?


Maggie Kiley‘s Lovin the D is a step down from Rapunzel, Rapunzel but still quality television. While solidly directed, Lovin the D is more hilarious in its approach but lacks genuine plotting and suspense. Then again, that’s what has made Scream Queens Season 2 so enjoyable. I suppose I was spoiled with the last effort. Now onto the finale scream queens and kings. See you there.


Check out a preview below of the Scream Queens Season 2 finale,

Drain the Swamp

, courtesy of Fox:

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