‘Ash vs Evil Dead’ Interview: The Dashing Dana DeLorenzo Part II

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After a bloody rocking first round, we move onto Part 2 of our insanely insightful interview with Ash vs Evil Dead’s Dana DeLorenzo. Welcome back Deadites.

Dana DeLornezo as Kelly Maxwell in ‘Ash vs Evil Dead’- Courtesy of Starz


A few days ago, 1428 Elm gave you the beginning of our three part interview with Dana DeLorenzo. With fresh energy and a devil-may-care attitude, DeLorenzo, who plays the tough-as-nail Kelly Maxwell on Starz’s Ash vs Evil Dead, gave us more than we could of asked for.

In Part I, we got how the rising actress became involved with the ongoing “Evil Dead” series, when she became a fan of horror, and what it was like screen testing with legends Bruce Campbell and Sam Raimi. Today, we’re getting into the gory goodness of Ash vs Evil Dead in an even better Part II.

So let’s all grab the book of the dead, go live in a log cabin, and take out some Deadites, as we continue our conversation with the fearless undead fighter herself — the daringly dashing Dana DeLorenzo:


‘Ash vs Evil Dead’ Season 1 Promo- Courtesy of Starz

1428 Elm: I really love doing interviews where the my guest naturally transitions into my next topic. So Bruce Campbell is one of the biggest icons in horror. On top of that, he seems like one of the most down-to-earth people on the planet. What were some of your first impressions of the man when you first met?

Dana DeLornezo: You’re right on the money on that one. I like to say he’s what you hope he’ll be, but only better, if you can imagine. My first experience was that screen test, so you know that was very heightened. It was great and it we had an immediate chemistry. We were already busting each others chops. Well, as much as you can in an audition.

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And he was just…I cannot thank him enough. Like I said, I was terrified going into it. Like I was somehow going to fail or mess this up. Somehow ruin it. And he took me under his “chainsaw” wing. Ray (Santiago) and myself actually. He just made us feel as if we were meant to be there, right from the start. He and Sam (Raimi) made it very clear from the start that I had been chosen for a reason. Which restored confidence in me.

And Bruce Campbell, when we were in our first official meeting, started talking about doing stunts and whatnot. So I express how excited I was! Because I’m a real klutz in life. I mean I trip in the daily.

1428: Haha oh yeah?

DD: Oh god, I’m revealing too much. but I’m not nearly as cool in real life as Kelly.

1428: Well I won’t put it in the interview lol.

DD: Ha no it’s fine. There’re so many blooper reels of me of just me falling down I’m sure. Like when I was in the woods with Lucy (Lawless) trying to be a badass, they have an outtake of me just biting it. Now they just expect it haha.

So I was telling them how excited I was to be hooked up to harnesses and do stunts. And Bruce looks over at me and says “You’re gonna be the first one to complain.” And I say “You wanna make a bet?” So he goes ” Alright. Imma give you five dollars now, and the first time you complain, you have to give it back.” So he signed it too. And I keep that with me at all times. Even when I’m bloody or when I’m soaking wet, I keep it as my good luck charm. Because I’ve never complained  and I haven’t given it back!

So I like to brag because I still have never had to return it. But it really means a lot to me. I think it’s my good luck charm. My little Bruce Campbell signed five-dollar bill.