20 Reasons You Should Buy ‘Friday the 13th: The Game’

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Jason kills in Friday the 13th: The Game (Photo from Gun Media)

1. The kills are absolutely brutal

At the heart of the Friday the 13th franchise are its devastating kills. That’s what links them all together, despite all of their differences. Even the least favorite movies in the series still have some awesome kill scenes. Jason never likes to disappoint when it comes to creatively brutal deaths.

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That’s being adapted very faithfully with this video game. With kills designed by Tom Savini, and stunt work performed by Kane Hodder, the blueprint is perfect. Some of the deaths are lifted straight from the movies with excellent accuracy, while many more were designed specifically for this game. But one thing is for sure: no matter how you die, you can expect your death to be pretty horrific.

Jason might split you nearly in half with his machete. He could slice your arms off before planting a knife in your skull. Maybe he’ll toss you into the fireplace or bash your head in with a door. Using various weapons, such as a pitchfork or pickaxe, the possibilities are seemingly endless for ways to be butchered.

There are good stories to be found in the Friday the 13th films. But most of the tickets sell because people are expecting to see some horrifying death scenes. Having played the beta, I can confirm that you will definitely find this in the game.

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Be on the lookout for Friday the 13th: The Game coming in the spring of 2017, with single player mode arriving later in the summer.