Resident Evil: Barry Burton’s Top Five Funniest Lines

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Resident Evil from Capcom

1. The most hilarious line from any video game ever

Barry and Jill separate early in Resident Evil under the pretext of exploring the mansion faster. On one side of the building, Jill finds herself trapped. The ceiling of a room is slowly coming down and the door won’t open. Horrified, Jill calls for help— and Barry, apparently nearby, hears her and comes to her aid.

Recognizing the door won’t open, Barry kicks it open. He calls for Jill to run out, which she does. Just in time, too, as the descending ceiling makes contact with the ground as soon as she exits. If not for Barry, Jill would’ve been squashed. Or, as he puts it, she could have been food:

“You were almost a Jill sandwich!”

Even people who’ve never played this game are familiar with this line. It’s the cream of the crop of all the game’s terrible voice acting. “Jill sandwich” is a prime example of the bad writing meeting with the bad acting to achieve a level of cheese nobody thought possible. It’s just so very corny you can’t help but laugh. Watch the whole scene below:

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In the years since this game was released, it has essentially been retconned. Capcom did an official remake of the game, and it seems the canon of the franchise links back to the reboot. But through retro gamers’ memories and hilarious memes, Barry Burton, the Jill sandwich, and the game’s legacy of the worst voice acting ever will forever live on.