‘Stranger Things’: Five Things You Need To Know About Anticipated Season 2

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With ‘Stranger Things’ set to return at the end of the year, plot details are here on Season 2 of the Netflix phenomenon. Here’s five things you should know about the upcoming return of the series.

The cast of The Duffer Brother’s ‘Stranger Things’-Courtesy of Netflix

Last year, Stranger Things exploded onto Netflix while taking the pop culture world by storm. After a twisted and original story by creators The Duffer Brothers, fans have been waiting patiently for detail on Season 2. Well Strangers, the wait is over.

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With the series now gracing the cover of Entertainment Weekly, new Stranger Things detail are coming at us faster than an open box of Eggo waffles. But don’t worry, 1428 Elm is here to help as we’ve gathered five things you need to know going into the second year of the series.

So head to the “Upside Down”, grab some breakfast foods, and get some superpowers as we give you five things that are going to help shape the second season of Stranger Things.