The Walking Dead: ‘A New Frontier’ Ep. 3 To Be Released In March


Listen up you Walker-enthusiasts! Telltale Games has announced that ‘The Walking Dead: A New Frontier’ Episode 3 is scheduled to be released next month!

In addition, they will be releasing a season pass disc for PS4 and Xbox One On February 28th in North America; and March 3rd in Europe.

The season pass disc will contain episodes one and two and will allow you to download further episodes as they are released. A New Frontier marks the third season in The Walking Dead video game series that dates back to 2012.

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Each season allows you to make decisions that can affect not only that season’s storyline but any subsequent seasons as well. These decisions come in both dialogue choices and reactions in QTE or quick time events.

The Walking Dead: Season One begins as a man named Lee Everett is in the back of a police car in transport to prison for murder. Lee is quiet and despondent over the ordeal which the Georgia State Trooper driving the vehicle points out – as most of the people the officer drives to prison express their innocence. The officer passes the time by voicing his opinion towards Lee’s situation as well as telling stories of past prisoners.

Multiple calls are dispatched over the radio as a collective of squad cars speed down the opposite side of the highway as a helicopter soars overhead. The officer finally shuts off his radio as it has been interfering with his storytelling. The  conversation is ended abruptly as the officer, who wasn’t paying attention to the road, hit someone walking on the highway and crashes the vehicle.

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Lee begins to open his eyes as screams of pain and torment are heard in the background only to once again lose consciousness. Everett awakens and begins calling for the officer who is lying face down with a blood trail behind him – as if the public servant was pulled from the wreckage. Lee commences to kick out the backseat passenger side window (Real-life Survival Tip: aim for the lower left corner of the passenger window, use both feet) and escapes.

Lee is wounded during the crash and is still handcuffed. He retrieves the keys and removes the restraints. The officer, who was presumably deceased, begins to crawl toward the wounded prisoner. Lee loses his balance and backs away in disbelief. With his back against the crashed car, Lee picks up a shotgun and a shell, loads the ammo, and dispatches the undead officer.

This is perhaps the best story in the whole franchise.

The Walking Dead: Season Two follows Clementine and her plight for survival in a zombie-apocalyptic world. We are first introduced to Clem in season one as she is taken under the care of Lee Everett. Lee stumbled upon Clementine as she had been surviving by herself with her parents being out of town.

Clem’s baby-sitter turned into a walker inside the home which made Clementine take refuge in a backyard tree-house. Lee enters the home and speaks to Clementine with a two-way radio and subsequently has a face to face encounter with the baby sitter. As Lee struggles to defeat the zombie, Clementine descends from the tree-house and provides Lee a hammer. The blunt object is then used to scramble the brains of the zombified teenager. This begins a bond between Clementine and Lee; as Lee will stop at nothing in order to keep Clementine safe.

The Walking Dead: A New Frontier follows Javier “Javi” Garcia, a former professional baseball player with a lifetime ban due to illegal sports-betting. At the beginning of the game, he seems to be immature and the type of person who runs away from their problems. Perhaps feeling sorry for himself due to ruining his baseball career. This all changes due to the zombie apocalypse as Javi embraces a newfound leadership within himself.

Who else is glad Clem is still wearing that hat?

Telltale games has also developed episodes such as, The Walking Dead: Michonne, which was released in 3 episodic parts. Telltale additionally released 400 Days, which is downloadable content after season one that ties into the games if saved. Apparently, any content saved on Xbox 360 and PS3 can be accessed if a downloadable patch is utilized. The patch allows the files saved to be uploaded onto Telltale’s server. It is then accessible on the new consoles.

For more information as episodes become available, follow Telltale on Twitter or Instagram. You can also visit their official The Walking Dead video game page on Facebook.

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