‘Z Nation’: Join The Fight With A Look Back At ‘Welcome to the Fu-Bar’


We’re continuing our retro recap of Syfy’s ‘Z Nation’ Season One with a look at ‘Welcome to the Fu-Bar.’ Grab that shotgun and let’s do this.

Warning! The following contains spoilers for Welcome to the Fu-Bar, the seventh episode of Z Nation’s first season. Enjoy Flesh Eaters.

Z Nation – Courtesy of Syfy


The rough and tumble team run into car trouble, nothing new in the apocalypse. Mack (Michael Welch) and Addy (Anastasia Baranova) split off to see if they can find anything useful. They end up not being able to go back – we’ll get into the why later – and have to travel in a different direction for awhile.

The left behinds figure out a way to get the truck mobile. Lt. Warren (Kellita Smith) has been mourning the loss of Garnett (Tom Everett Scott) it appears that she has given up and no longer offers any type assistance. When Doc (Russell Hodgkinson) states that Lt Warren has “post-traumatic stress.” Murphy (Keith Allan) helps out with a sympathy speech:

“She’s got post-traumatic stress? The whole world’s got post-traumatic stress. Actually, there isn’t anything post about it. We all got plain old’ present tense, all traumatic, all stress, all the time.”

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They then move along and come across a small gathering at “The Fu-Bar”. Lt. Warren heads in and starts pounding back the booze. Meanwhile, the others join in a fun game of “Shoot the Zombie” aiming to win first prize. The prize is a Barrett M82 .50 caliber rifle, and 10K (Nat Zang) wants it

Things go south fast as Murphy (Keith Allen) bites someone in a fight and now the people think he is a zombie, a fight ensues. LT. Warren wakes out of her stupor and joins the fight. Once again, they’re on the run.

Their Guardian at Camp Northern Light, Citizen Z (Dj Qualls), sees a massive dust storm on his monitor and upon closer inspection finds a huge wave of Zombies entering Kansas. He begins broadcasting a warning for everyone to get out of the area. A Zunami – the largest hoard of zombies he’s ever seen, is on its way, and there’s no end in site.

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Well, that wraps up Welcome to Fu-Bar. Are you catching up on your Z’s? Tune in to find out what happens next Flesh Eaters.

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