‘Bates Motel’: Should You Converge On ‘The Convergence of the Twain’?


After a decent opening, A&E’s ‘Bates Motel’ continues its final season in grand fashion with ‘The Convergence of the Twain.’ Welcome Back Tenants.

The following Bates Motel review contains spoilers for the current season. Warning, don’t continue without being caught up. Welcome back Tenants.


After Norman finds out Romero is sending people to kill him, the maturing maniac discovers this is only the beginning. With people getting closer to his secrets, Norman is becoming increasingly exposed. And with Norma’s body nestled tightly, it’s only a matter of time before Norman is the one who checks out. Welcome to The Convergence of the Twain.


Last week, Bates Motel began its final season in slow order. Spending too much time with Dylan, the promising “Final Season” got off to a slow start. While openers are allowed set up, Dark Paradise is ultimately a let down. Well Bates Buffs, that’s certainly changing with its second outing.

Well now you know Chick…I’m still alive. – Norman Bates (As Norma)

Opening with a stellar confrontation between Norman and Romero, The Convergence of the Twain is one of the best Bates Motel episodes to date. I mean guys, this is great television.

First off, the second episode of “The Final Season” bounces around like a ping pong ball on a game table. This, of course, is a good thing. Written by Alyson Evans and Steve Kornacki, the episode is pacing so quickly, you’ll be shocked it’s over so fast.

‘Bates Motel: The Convergence of the Twain’ – Courtesy of A&E

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Unlike the opener, which gave the Dylan situation a third of the story time , we get so much with The Convergence of the Twain. Romero, Chick, and Caleb’s stories are pushing closer to Norman in amazing ways. In fact, amazing doesn’t cut it. Directed by Sarah Boyd, the ending with Caleb is jaw-dropping, and Romero is focusing on one thing — the death of Norma Bates.

Moreover, the scenes between Norman and Norma are stellar. While playing with the idea that Norma is alive and just “living” in the mind of Norman, the show begins offering highly interesting scenarios. The dinner scene is a great one. And that bar moment…priceless, the ending with Caleb is jaw-dropping, and Romero is focusing on one thing — the death of Norman Bates.

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So, will Norman be caught for the death of Norma? Will Romero get out and get to Mr. Bates? Will Caleb punish Norman? You’ll have to check into Bates Motel to find out.


Sarah Boyd‘s The Convergence of the Twain is a striking improvement over Dark Paradise. Quickly moving its story, the second “The Final Season” episode is a stellar hour of television. Acting as the real base for the rest of the series, the episode is edge of your seat storytelling. Until next time, don’t forget to check back in. See you soon.


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