‘Bates Motel’: Is Newest Episode, ‘Bad Blood’, Really That Freaking Good?


Now in it’s third episode, Bates Motel’s final season out does itself again with the beyond excellent ‘Bad Blood.’ Welcome back Tenants.

The following review of Bates Motel: Bad Blood contains spoilers. Do NOT check in before catching up on the A&E series.


After Chick discovers Norman’s little secret, he must make a decision. But when Caleb finds Norma’s body, Norman reacts and everything changes. And with Romero making moves to get his revenge, Norman is becoming increasingly in danger of being caught. Sometimes when you keep your enemies closer, they become too close. Welcome to Bad Blood.


Last week, Bates Motel’s final season became the season I was hoping it to be. After the slight disappointment of Dark Paradise, the A&E series gave us the amazing The Convergence of the Twain. Now, Bates Motel may be giving us the best episode ever in Bad Blood.

‘Bates Motel: Bad Blood’ – Courtesy of A&E

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Picking up immediately after Twain, Bad Blood is an edge-of-your-seat thrill ride. I mean the Caleb stuff alone elevates this from good to great. Throw in the ferocity of Alex Romero, along with Chick taking control, and Bad Blood is one hell of a time.

Moreover, the plotting of the Bad Blood makes it special. Ditching the often hindering character-driven plotting Bates Motel sometimes gets itself in, Bad Blood is all plot-driven. And when I say plot-driven, the episode is focusing more than Bobby Fisher with a chess set. Written by Tom Szentgyorgyi, every scene plays into the next — this is true cause-and-effect storytelling.

Also, Bad Blood may be the current high-mark for star Freddie Highmore. Playing the legendary Norman Bates, “The Final Season” is leaning on the talents of Highmore more than ever. How does he handle the burden? By delivering some of the best acting on television.

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So, will Norman be caught sooner than later? Will Chick continue his current role? Will Caleb survive the storm that is Norman? You’ll have to check in to A&E to find out.


Sarah Boyd‘s Bad Blood is arguably the best Bates Motel episode to date — it’s certainly the one focusing on plotting most. With plot-driven storytelling and stellar pacing, Bad Blood will have you counting down the minutes until next week’s episode. See you next week at the motel Bates Buffs.


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