Bruce Campbell reveals what drugs he did during the filming of ‘The Evil Dead’


After years of stunning audiences, The Evil Dead’ star Bruce Campbell is telling his side of the story when it comes to the fun on set of the 1981 classic.

Someone wake The Evil Dead…it’s time to party!

Today is that day again you primitive screwheads. No, it’s not Friday. No, It’s not payday. And no, it’s not your birthday. Rather, today is that day we’ve all been waiting for all week — IT’S YOUTUBE TUESDAY!

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With today being the day 1428 digs deep into the internet to find the perfect video, we have just that. Apparently, when Bruce Campbell recently went on Conan O’Brien to promote Ash vs Evil Dead, he was asked about the partying on The Evil Dead. While hamming it up in true Bruce Campbell fashion, the horror icon gets down to the smokey truth. Deadites, prepare yourselves for greatness.

Check out the

Conan O’Brien

clip below, courtesy of

Team Coco

and TBS:

That Campbell man…he’s just too much.

While we’re not advocating the use of Marijuana in anyway, this video is probably the greatest thing 1428 has ever seen. With The Evil Dead filming in rural Tennessee, and the film being as independent as it gets, it’s no surprise the crew was smoking up. Also, I love when Conon says “You went from zero to 47 joints?” Freaking cracks me up. Simply, I love both these guys.

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So, do you blame Bruce Campbell for trying weed on the set of The Evil Dead?

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