Halloween: Top 5 funniest Michael Myers kills

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3. Big Joe Grizzly (Halloween, 2007)

Rob Zombie’s 2007 remake of Halloween gets its share of criticism, but it’s not without its redeeming qualities. One of its brighter spots is the inclusion of bit character Joe Grizzly. Despite having such a small part in the film, Grizzly (played by Dawn of the Dead star Ken Foree) is one of the flick’s most memorable characters. His death scene in the film stands out more than any of the others.

The scene in question takes place at a truck stop restroom. It seems nature is calling for big Joe, and he heads into the stall to do his business. Much to his annoyance, escaped mental patient Michael Myers shows up at this time and starts banging on the door. Joe Grizzly is just not in the mood for this, so he pulls out a knife. Joe then opens the stall to face a masked Michael, leading to the greatest line of the film:

“Let me introduce myself. I’m Joe Grizzly, bitch!”

Although the line is incredibly awesome, Michael isn’t finding it impressive. He only stares blankly back at Joe, but I’m sure he’s still laughing on the inside. Of course, things escalate quickly when Joe threatens to cut the mask off of Michael’s face. That’s when the mute murderer slams Joe against the stall many times before killing him with his own knife.

Afterwards, Michael takes Joe’s clothing, leaving Mr. Grizzly’s body on the ground in long johns. Seeing this awesome character meet his end sucked, but his small part is certainly very funny.