Halloween: Top 5 funniest Michael Myers kills

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1. Bucky (Halloween 4: The Return of Michael Myers, 1988)

What we have here could very well be the most entertaining death in all of slasher movies. I’m talking about Bucky, the power plant employee working the night shift in Halloween 4. This has long been my favorite death in the Halloween movie series, and I’m not totally alone on that. There’s a certain cult following within the fandom for poor Bucky — the character even once had a fan site in the 90s called Bucky’s Power Plant.

On the night of Halloween, Bucky is working the graveyard shift at the Haddonfield power plant. That’s when a masked Michael Myers suddenly shows up to stare him down. Bucky exchanges some humorous dialogue with him, telling him not to “try that Halloween shit” with him. When Michael doesn’t budge, Bucky informs him that he’s calling the cops, and Michael better not even think about leaving.

Bucky turns to head towards the telephone, but Michael doesn’t heed his warning. Michael grabs Bucky by the utility belt and throws him directly onto an electrical transformer. This fries poor Bucky into a crisp, taking out the town’s electricity with him. I hate to celebrate a person’s death, even a fictional person, but this whole segment had been rewound so many times in my days of watching the film on VHS.

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Did I miss any Halloween deaths you found to be hilarious? While we’re at it, does this list remind you of any funny kills by other movie slashers, like Jason or Freddy? Feel free to keep this discussion going in the comments below.