‘Friday the 13th’: Will Gun Media’s anticipated game live up to the hype?


The ‘Friday the 13th’ game is almost here. Fans are waiting to virtually return to Camp Crystal Lake. But will the Gun Media game make Jason Voorhees proud?

Last October, fans were anticipating getting their hands on Friday the 13th: The Game. Trading camp gear for game controllers, fans of the franchise were hoping to play as everyone’s favorite killer. Problem is, the developers were pushing the game back —  waiting became a huge part of this process.

But reasons were apparent and understandable. The delay happened when the desire to add single play came into the fold. Not only that, we were now getting Thom Mathews as Tommy Jarvis as a playable character. That’s right, the actual actor was going to provide the voice for the character. An early 2017 time frame is announced for the release.

‘Friday the 13th: The Game’ — Courtesy of Gun Media and ILLFONIC

Then the beta happens. Giving fans a chance to step foot into the world they were creating, Gun Media bestows onto us its progress into Friday the 13th: The Game. While the beta is fun, I began to get worried as the game seemed far from finished. Turns out it was.

Fast forward a few months and fans are beginning to get agitated. Not a day goes by where I don’t see someone post on Facebook or Twitter about the game’s delay. “Where is the game!?” and “Is it even going to come out or is this a scam?” are questions you see daily. It’s clear the fanbase losing their control.

Now, we have our answers. Friday the 13th: The Game is seeing the light of day May 26, 2017. Then, fans can play as much as they want and waiting will be over. The question is: Will the game be able to live up to the extremely high expectations?


First, let’s discuss the real problem here. The biggest problem facing Gun Media and it’s Friday the 13th game is the human mind itself. It’s human imagination that’s going to be the real battle.

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Because of the delay, fans are beginning to not only have higher expectations but visions of what the game will be. Much like fans not liking a sequel because it isn’t what they expected, this game is no different. Every fan has some idea of how a Friday the 13th game should be and with so much time to think about it, chances are the game won’t be a perfect fit.

And isn’t time a tricky thing? With so much of it because of the delay, fans are expecting something amazing. Forget fans who are playing “mini developers” in their minds, what about the people expecting life changing greatness? The people who don’t think “The game should be this” but rather “The game better change the world.” What about the people who have been fantasizing about Friday the 13th: The Game and how brilliant it is going to be? Will the game be enough for them?


Honestly, I was like many of you. I’m wanting a mind blowing experience and I want the game to be life changing. I began thinking there’s no way the game is going to be that good. In fact, worrying that there’s going to be a backlash became a common thing for me. No matter how good something is, if there are many delays and false starts, often the product will never live up.

But then it happened. Gun Media gave us not only the release date but a new trailer to hold us over. Featuring Jason doing what he does best, the video freaking blew me away. Every doubt in the final product being less that I hoped began quickly washing away. Not only is the preview amazing, it looks like a huge improvement over the beta. And I’m talking a huge improvement.

For a refresher course, check out the video below, courtesy of Gun Media and ILLFONIC:


So yes, because of this video, I no longer believe Friday the 13th: The Game won’t be as good as we all hope. Now I wait patiently for the game’s release. It’s almost like we’re living in bizarro world as I can’t believe I’ll be playing as Jason Voorhees in a modern Friday the 13th game in a few hours. And I have a strong feeling the wait is going to be well worth it. See you at camp ya crazy counselors.

So, are you buying Friday the 13th: The Game? Look myself up on Playstation under LOOMISFIT and 1428 Elm co-editor Jeremy Dick on XBOX under slimymeteor . We’re looking forward to playing with you guys, and honestly, offing a few of you. Of course, only in the virtual world.

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