Twin Peaks – The Return: Can’t see without a cosmic flashlight

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Viva Las Vegas

At Dougie/Coop’s house, Janey-E (Naomi Watts) is attempting to get him ready to take Sonny Jim to school. While she is fussing over him, she tells him that she counted the money and he won $425,000 from the casino. She wants him to take $50,000 and pay off their debt.

Of course, Dougie/Coop is unresponsive to this conversation which causes Janey-E to tell him that he is acting as “weird as shit.” When he makes no move toward the car, Janey-E decides that she will take him to work.

Meanwhile in the Rancho Rosa development, which is where Dougie and Jade (Nafessa Williams) had their rendezvous, the hit men pull up to the abandoned residence. They stare at Dougie’s car for a bit and then drive off.

Credit: Showtime

That’s not suspicious or anything.

After that interlude, a black muscle car full of loud music and young hoodlums slows to a stop in front of the house. They also look at Dougie’s car before going on their merry way.

Janey-E pulls up to the building where Dougie/Coop works. Since he won’t voluntarily leave the car, she pushes him out. At first, he becomes transfixed with the statue outside of the establishment. Then he starts ambling toward the entrance. Once he is in the lobby, he just stands there looking around.

Luckily for him, one of his colleagues recognizes him and leads Dougie toward the elevators. His colleague is fresh off of a coffee run for the office so he is juggling multiple cups of joe. Dougie/Coop immediately recognizes the magical caffeine elixir and starts chanting, “Coffee, coffee!” over and over again until his colleague gives him a cup.

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There are some humorous bits of business in the office before the conference room scene. Dougie/Coop’s colleague, Anthony Sinclair (Tom Sizemore) puts his hands on his shoulders and growls in his ear, “I covered your ass for you. You owe me big time.” Apparently, people think that Dougie/Coop was on some wild bender.

Once the meeting begins, Bushnell Mullins (Don Murray) the head of the company that Dougie/Coop works for asks Sinclair to bring them up to speed on various cases. In the midst of the update, Dougie/Coop blurts out that Sinclair is lying. This causes some consternation on Mullins part and anger on Sinclair’s part.

After the potential altercation is diffused, Mullins requests that Dougie/Coop join him in his office. The meeting adjourns. Mullins asks why he accused the best agent in the office of being a liar. When Dougie/Coop doesn’t answer him, he thrusts a pile of case files at him and demands that he create full reports by the next morning. If he doesn’t comply, his future with the company is at risk.

Things aren’t looking much better for Supervisor Burns (Brett Gelman) at the Silver Mustang Casino. He has just gotten word that “they are on their way.” The tight closeups on Burns’ face and the abject terror in his eyes leave us with the impression that “they” are not good people.

Bradley Mitchum (Jim Belushi) and Rodney Mitchum (Robert Knepper) arrive accompanied by several babes in 1950’s Playboy bunny garb and they are not happy. As a matter of fact, they are downright livid as to how Dougie/Coop won $425,000.

When Burns can’t provide them with the answers they seek, Rodney starts beating the crap out of him. After he is dragged out of the security office, his right-hand man is put in charge and told that if Dougie/Coop comes back to the casino, the Brothers Mitchum must be notified immediately.

Back at the Rancho Rosa development, the little boy that lives across the street from the abandoned house, is watching Dougie’s car intently. He sneaks out past his drugged and comatose Mom to go outside. He walks over to the car.

Before he can grab the bomb underneath the carriage of the vehicle, the hoodlums in the black muscle car screech to a stop and fly out of the vehicle. They yell at the kid to go home. He flees. They jimmy open the door and start the engine only to explode into flames. This scatters the remaining gang members into the car and they speed off.

Jade is at the car wash getting her jeep detailed. The worker gives her Dougie/Coop’s key to the Great Northern Hotel. Turning it over and examining it, Jade strides over to a mailbox and drops the key into it.