Friday the 13th game error lets PS4 users buy Savini Jason


Sony apparently ‘dropped the ball’ after uploading the new patch for Friday the 13th: The Game, letting PS4 gamers purchase the exclusive Savini Jason.

The folks at Gun Media aren’t too happy following a mishap on Sony’s Playstation store. After the new patch for the PS4 had been applied earlier today, some gamers noticed something unusual. The “Savini Jason” skin, which is exclusive only to those who pre-ordered, had shown up in the store for only $6 USD!

When I first saw people talking about this, I thought it was a hoax. The Gun guys just released a statement confirming that they’d never, ever sell the skin. I just couldn’t believe they’d put it up for sale so soon after saying that. Still, where there’s smoke, there’s fire, and I grew concerned after seeing more and more people saying they’d just bought the skin.

After a certain point, I realized it to be true. However, it only seemed to be present in the US Playstation store. Gamers on Xbox One and Steam couldn’t find it, and players outside of the States were saying the same thing. Putting two and two together, I realized that some sort of error had occurred. What the hell just happened?

The devs of Friday the 13th: The Game just took to Twitter to clarify the situation. They do confirm that the game was for sale, but that it shouldn’t have been. In the tweet, the team expresses annoyance at Sony for dropping the ball, adding that they’re now removing the skin.

I’m on the Xbox One, so I can’t confirm whether the skin has now officially been taken down. Not that I’d want to buy it anyway — I already did as a pre-order purchase. But for a second there I thought us backers were about to lose our tubular exclusive skin.

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It’s worth pointing out that if you did manage to purchase this, don’t celebrate just yet. It’s still possible Sony will strip the skin away and refund you the money for it. But who knows? Maybe you got lucky.