‘Z Nation’: Season 3 shows ‘No Mercy’ with flashBack movie opener


1428 Elm continues its retro recap of ‘Z Nation’ with ‘No Mercy’, the mini-movie Season 3 opener. Zombie lovers, are you bit?

Warning. The following contains spoilers for ‘Z Nation: No Mercy’. Do not keep chewing on the retro review if you aren’t caught up. Enjoy!

In the season 3 opener, we’re introduced to the series by Doc (Russell Hodgkinson) as a Z Nation flashback movie. So, we don’t pick up where we left off. Instead, they take us back into the past a bit to introduce some characters that will clearly be picked up later. This was a clever move to fill blanks.

The “Operation Bite Mark” gang once again finds a small community that is in need of muscle, when “The Man” (Joseph Gatt) comes threatening their town, in search of a guy on his list. He claims he was hired to find Dr. Howard Teller (Frank Boyd) and no one will get hurt if they turn him over.

‘The Man’ in ‘Z Nation: No Mercy’ — Courtesy of Syfy.

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Of course, they don’t want to give up one of their own, especially a doctor, and our troop vows to help them out.  We are introduced to a few new characters who most likely will be key players in the future. A teenaged girl named Red (Natalie Jongjaroenlarp) and a young boy that was named ‘Nature Boy’ (Holden Goyette) thanks to his wild personality. But then he emulates ‘10K’ ( Nat Zang), and they start calling the kid ‘5K.’

Then “Operation Bite Mark” teaches the town how to fight and an epic battle ensues. They push back against The Man – for now.

Dr. Howard Teller and his wife were working on a new zombie anti-virus. Four years prior there was a lab accident, and all the workers, including Mrs. Teller, became infected. However, they aren’t dead, they’re living people who were exposed to a fungus that took over their bodies. Dr. Teller had to seal off the lab to contain the virus, but he could not bring himself to kill the fungus-zombie-people.  Murphy convinces Dr. Teller that they are screaming in pain and they must be mercied.

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This concludes the flashback movie. Until next week, go catch some zs.

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