Twin Peaks – The Return: Wake up, don’t die

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Sin City Blues

Duncan Todd (Patrick Fischler) is typing away on his laptop at his desk. A mysterious red window pop up appears on his screen. Looking fearful, he retrieves a file from his safe.

In the Rancho Rosa development, police are sifting through the remnants of Dougie/Coop’s decimated vehicle. One officer finds the license plate on the roof. He starts reading it off.

The druggie Mom in the house across the street keeps chanting 119, 119. She might very well be clairvoyant knowing that something tragic has occurred requiring emergency services.

Across town in a seedy motel room, a very small man, Ike “The Spike” Stadiler (Christophe Zajoc-Dener) is rolling dice and playing some sort of game. He receives Todd’s file underneath the door. Upon opening it, there are two photographs present. He spreads them on the dresser. One of the photos is Lorraine (Tammie Baird). She is the same woman who was texting urgent on the ancient Blackberry from episode five. The next picture is Dougie/Coop. This is a definite contract for a hit. Ike picks up his spike and immediately stabs the two photographs.

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At Lucky 7 Insurance, Dougie/Coop is perplexed by how elevators work. He happily stands in the elevator while the doors open and close. One of his colleagues has to assist him again. Dougie/Coop traipses through the atrium to get to Bushnell Mullins (Don Murray) office. Anthony Sinclair (Tom Sizemore) watches him.

Finally, Dougie/Coop is inside Mullins office. He sits drinking coffee and looking around while Bushnell checks the files. He is growing more and more agitated because he can’t understand the scribblings that Dougie/Coop has made all over the paperwork. While he is going on about this, Dougie/Coop is paying special attention to the poster of a very young Mullins as a boxer hanging over the desk.

A flash of momentary understanding in Dougie/Coop’s eyes and then Bushnell starts understanding the doodles. He sits back and tells Dougie/Coop that he knows what is going on now and that he has to make sense of it. Apparently, a mystery has been clarified and Dougie/Coop is the hero.

Janey-E is at the rendezvous point with the hitmen at the park. As it turns out they are collectors from a bookie. Dougie/Coop is into them for 20k and they are demanding 52k. Livid, Janey-E jumps on them and states that they don’t have that kind of money but what she can do is give them 25k no more and no less. Dumbfounded, the men accept it and watch Janey-E storm off to her car. The debt has been repaid.

In an office, we can see Lorraine looking at files on her desk. There is a cry of distress and she goes to see what the noise is only to be attacked by Ike wielding his spike. She is stabbed to death. Another woman witnesses the act, so Ike tears off after her and kills her too.