Last Slasher Standing: In a world of reboots, be a Chucky!


With most every other horror movie franchise getting the reboot treatment, Chucky the killer doll from Child’s Play is the last slasher standing.

A Nightmare on Elm Street, Friday the 13th and Halloween. All movies we know and love. In the past few years we have been treated to not-so-flattering reboots of these series. Is there any hope left for us?

Yes, and that answer comes in the form of Chucky!

The Child’s Play series has been one of the few that has been untouched by the reboot machine that Hollywood seems to keep in overdrive. With the anticipated release of Cult of Chucky this fall, fans are clamoring for the franchise formula we know and love.

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This cute little guy doing what he does best.

Don Mancini is a screenwriter who is credited with creating America’s favorite red-headed serial killing doll. He was the writer of all of the Child’s Play films in the series. With the release of Bride of Chucky Mancini’s role was expanded to not only writer but also Executive Producer.

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Seed of Chucky saw Mancini take over the director’s role in addition to writer. The sleeper hit Curse of Chucky which unfortunately saw a direct-to-video release, was also Mancini’s return to the franchise as both director and writer. Both movies, while seemingly ignored by the mainstream, were solid entries into the series.

With Mancini returning to helm Cult of Chucky, those of us in the horror community wait with bated breath for the much-anticipated film. A Nightmare On Street without Robert Englund as Freddy is not a Freddy film; a Friday the 13th without the beloved Kane Hodder in the iconic role is not a Jason film. And Mancini knows this.

One of the main staples of the Child’s Play series besides Mancini has been Brad Dourif. Dourif appeared in the original Child’s Play as Charles Lee Ray, the Lakeshore Strangler. Dourif has been the constant in all Chucky films providing the voice of the killer doll. He has made the character of Chucky his own and I could not see anybody else in the role or providing the voice we all know and love.

Credit: Universal

Chucky just wouldn’t be Chucky without this man.

When we watch any of the films in the Child’s Play series I want you to remember we are watching the literal last slasher standing. Chucky is one of the last franchises left untouched by unnecessary reboots. The formula after all these years is still fresh and fun.

I cannot wait for the new Cult of Chucky film which shows the return of Andy Barclay actor Alex Vincent, his original nemesis and the talented and beautiful Jennifer Tilly as Tiffany. We also see the return of Curse of Chucky actress Fiona Dourif. Fiona is the daughter of Brad Dourif our beloved Chucky.

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When the film Cult of Chucky has its world premiere in London, 1428 Elm will be there. Our own James Devine will be on hand and will give us a full rundown of the film. The world premiere is on August 24, with the film hitting blu-ray and VOD on October 3.

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