Hey Starz! Ash vs Evil Dead season three — What’s up?


‘Ash vs Evil Dead’ fans are anticipating the return of their favorite chainsaw wielding hero, Ash Williams. However, no word yet from Starz. At 1428 Elm we are more than a little curious so we decided to holler at the cable network and see what’s up!

Give us some sugar, baby!

With San Diego Comic Con fast approaching (July 19 –23), fans of Ash vs Evil Dead thought for sure something would be happening. However, we had a look at the upcoming schedule for celebrity entertainment, and Outlander is the only show representing the Starz network.

Last year at this time, a teaser for Season 2 was released and Deadline had the scoop. All of the stars were set to appear and there was buzz in the air. Segue to 2017 and silence. The show has wrapped and no information has been forthcoming.

On Reddit’s “Ash vs Evil Dead” board, a Season 3 cast photo was posted and Bruce Campbell has also posted several images of himself in character on his Twitter feed, including one taken on the set.  Fans have been quizzing Groovy Bruce rather regularly about the show status and he refers them to Starz.

When you visit the Ash vs Evil Dead Twitter page, the last tweet is dated April 23 for Lee Majors birthday. Normally, I don’t participate in any petitions or anything like that but I have tweeted directly at Starz inquiring about the show and those tweets have fallen on deaf ears. Although I am not surprised by the lack of response.

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I do know that other journalists have been on set and are probably sworn to secrecy if they know anything about the premiere date. The other night I was watching IFC and Stan Against Evil had a little teaser reminding fans that Season 2 was on the way.

So, what gives Starz? Is all the secrecy part of a marketing plan? Can we expect a huge push at New York Comic Con? Fans of the show know Mr. Campbell is going on a book tour starting in August and ending in October. His last stop is the Walker Stalker Convention in Atlanta. Could that be the time for an announcement for the start of the show?

All I am saying is give us a tease. That’s what we’re asking for Starz. You know Ash vs Evil Dead has a huge fan base. Do us a solid and tell us when we can tune in to see one of the most inventive shows on the air.

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Are you a fan of ‘Ash vs Evil Dead’? Looking forward to Season 3? Have you tweeted @Starz about a start date for the show? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below.