Twin Peaks – The Return: This is a chair to another dimension

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The Good, The Needs Improvement and The Verdict

The Good

After episode 8 which was bordering on being a self-indulgent art house film, this is a return to a more traditional form of television. The plot is moving forward again. We are getting closer to Agent Cooper returning and we are getting answers about the origins of the Black Lodge.

This is also becoming a classic story of good versus evil. Clearly, Mr. C isn’t going to stop when it comes to eliminating his uncontaminated doppelganger. A conventional way of storytelling that is universally understood.

I also feel the need to point out the infusion of humor in this episode. Miguel Ferrer as Albert had some priceless lines tonight that were perfect comic relief.

The Needs Improvement

Once again, Lynch felt the need to take us on a whirlwind introduction of familiar characters like Sylvia and Johnny Horne. This may be the harbinger of Audrey’s appearance, the scene in the Horne household still felt intrusive. Normally, I like bizarre if it has a point. In this case, this particular portion of the script seemed like filler. As if they needed an extra scene to add on to the running time.

While the red or beige chair conundrum was entertaining, it didn’t add to the plot. It also seemed as if Harry Goaz and Kimmy Robertson needed screen time. Not an integral addition and could have been cut, quite frankly.

The conclusion in the Roadhouse didn’t make much sense. We were introduced to these two new characters and the bit about the rash while interesting didn’t really add to the story. Maybe at a later date, there might be a reveal about the importance of the scene but right now it isn’t apparent.

As I have been saying throughout the series, Lynch needs to remember that he has to retain viewers. He also needs to bear in mind that he is working in television and not the world of art or filmmaking. It is a different animal with different rules. When too many dissonant elements are introduced even diehard fans might get turned off. It is fine to be experimental but make sure it adds to the plot.

The Verdict

I really enjoyed delving into alternate realities and dimensions. That was extremely fascinating and it felt like the beginning of a slow reveal. Dougie is starting to show more and more signs of remembering who he really is and I feel Agent Cooper will be returning soon.

This particular episode was a smart move on the part of Lynch and company. After the mind-blowing events of two weeks ago, we needed to rein the storyline in just a bit and get back on track.

Every Sunday is like a Rubik’s Cube. You get different combinations and it is a matter of figuring out which ones click so everything aligns. It is a puzzle but it is so much fun to try and put it together.

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