Emmy Award nominees need more chills and thrills


The 2017 Emmy Award contenders were announced yesterday. While Stranger Things scored 18 nominations where are the other notable horror performances and shows like Ash vs Evil Dead?

Welcome to the whine zone!

Yes, I know. The horror genre is never recognized at award season. While the fact that Stranger Things received 18 nominations shows that the television academy is moving in the right direction, it still isn’t enough!

2016 was an awesome year for horror on television. However, you wouldn’t notice it looking at the current list of Emmy nominees. There are some notable absences. For example, where is American Horror Story, Bates Motel, Stan Against Evil or my personal favorite as so many of you know, Ash vs Evil Dead?

For Your Consideration

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Look, I know that being scared isn’t everyone’s cup of tea but how can anyone overlook the amazing performances from last year? Freddie Highmore and the wonderfully talented Vera Farmiga should be among the nominees, if you ask me. Kudos to David Harbour on his recognition for his fine work on Stranger Things.

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However, what about Winona Ryder? Her portrayal as the distressed single mom, Joyce Byers created a career resurgence for the actress. Furthermore, let’s talk about Kathy Bates in American Horror Story as the unhinged Agnes Mary Winstead. This woman is a consummate actress who makes every role her own. Surely, somebody somewhere in La La Land took notice of her performance.

Hey Television Academy – How about Some Sugar?

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Which brings me to Ash vs Evil Dead. Okay, before you roll your eyes and go, “here she goes again” hear me out. In season two, AVED really hit its stride. For whatever reason, according to GoldDerby, STARZ chose to submit the episode, Home as its Emmy contender in the Best Comedy series category.

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While I really dig that episode, (especially the hysterical raging kegger scene at the beginning) I think episode 207, Delusion is the one that should have been the candidate. If you don’t recall this particular gem, Ash is in an asylum and he believes he is going crazy. The show features puppet therapy, shock treatments, Kelly as a deranged patient, Pablo as an attendant and Ruby doing her best imitation of Nurse Ratched in One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest.

All of the performances in this episode are exceptional. Dana DeLorenzo is totally credible as an imbalanced woman who is capable of breaking her own fingers (ouch) and having a conversation with a puppet. Ray Santiago as the beleaguered attendant who has to deal with the chaos around him is Emmy worthy.

Lucy Lawless is a powerhouse and her portrayal as the tough as nails nurse is something to behold as she puts Ash in his place. Joel Tobeck who played Baal with malevolent glee gives a believable turn as Ash’s therapist, Doctor Peacock.

Something about Bruce Campbell

Finally, Bruce Campbell as Ash Williams. Every actor deserves a tour de force performance in his or her career. Campbell definitely brings it in this episode. His internal struggle is palpable. We doubt his sanity with him. When he engages in witty banter with Ashy Slashy the puppet, his sense of comedic timing is impeccable.

With Stranger Things being recognized at this year’s Emmy ceremony maybe next year we will see more players from the horror genre invited to the party. My fingers are crossed!

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How do you feel about the Emmy nominations? Do award shows dismiss the horror genre? Feel free to tell us your thoughts in the comment section below.