Twin Peaks – The Return: Watch and Listen Laura is the one

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The Good, The Bad, The Verdict

The Good

Once again, the plot is moving forward. Disparate elements are starting to come together and interconnect. Plus, Richard Horne being revealed as possibly being Audrey’s son is huge! It feels like Audrey’s appearance may be around the corner.

Even though Dr. Jacoby had a small part in tonight’s episode, his scene was terrific! His conspiracy rantings are entertaining because of the manic way in which they are presented. It seems like he is coming unhinged. Of course, the golden shovel made a return which was humorous.

Gordon Cole having a premonition of Laura and the Log Lady telling Hawk, “Laura is the one” seems like a good indication that everything is moving toward a conclusion. It appears that answers may be looming over the horizon about what exactly happened 25 years ago.

The Bad

Personally, the lust scenes with Naomi Watts felt like filler. It seemed as if the whole segment was thrown together just to give Naomi more screen time. It really didn’t serve a purpose to advance the plot. So, what if Janey-E is finding Dougie attractive since he lost weight? Why do we care?

Furthermore, the bit with Candie and the Mitchum brothers while it was funny, it went on for far too long. You can only get so much mileage from a dumb blonde joke. Plus, the running gag was becoming highly annoying.

The Verdict

Now, it seems as if we are getting somewhere in terms of story structure. Loose ends are coming together in a slow fashion but they are merging none the less. Lynch and Frost did a fine job of setting us up with the Richard Horne reveal as well as Mr.C being present in the NYC penthouse.

We want to keep coming back every week to get answers. Or at least make an attempt to get them. Much like an onion we need to peel away the layers one by one to get to the heart of this drama. Lynch continues to make this adventure interesting. I intend to stay tuned.

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