SCRM radio: home of howling horror, chills and thrills on the net


At 1428 Elm, we had the chance to sit down with Tra Cee, the owner and hostess of films, fears and eerie exclusives on SCRM radio.

Now it’s time to get our horror on!

The Origin Story:

Tra Cee became interested in horror after being exposed to it at an early age. Her foster mother loved horror movies, and she would watch them often. After being scared out of her mind a few times as a child, and reading the spines and backs of all of the horror books her foster mom had, it got into her system. She started reading Stephen King in her teens, and when she got older, horror was all she sought out to watch. And now, she doesn’t go a day without watching or reading about it.

The Interview:

1428 Elm: Tell us how SCRM radio began. What made you decide to start an all horror radio station on the net?

Tra Cee: There was a radio station that I’d become a part of just a few months ago. And it was the only station of its kind. Unforeseen circumstances arose and the people who owned it decided to end it.

They then handed the baton off to me, giving me their blessing to start my own station and do it my way. I love horror, and the opportunity to have it be Halloween every day, all day – just by tuning into my own station to hear something that feeds that, and to be able to give that gift to others, I couldn’t let that pass.

1428 Elm: Your program list is pretty interesting. Tell us about some of your talent.

Tra Cee: I have some pretty amazing hosts and contributors for SCRM Radio.

The Players:

DJ Mistress Macabre – Courtesy of SCRM

DJ Mistress Macabre – (Mistress Macabre’s Maniacal Menagerie) – is an awesome horror writer, movie maker, voiceover actress, and DJ, among other things.

Auntie Creeps – Courtesy of SCRM radio

Auntie Creeps– (Auntie’s Cottage) – is an incredibly talented writer and narrator.

Kallisti – Courtesy of SCRM

Kallisti – (Kallisti’s Bough) – a terrific writer and narrator.

The Angry Toads – Courtesy of SCRM

The Angry Toads – (Edgar Allan Poe narrations, CSPs) – gifted group of writers, narrators and they are gaming live streamers.

Isaac Thorne – Courtesy of SCRM

Isaac Thorne – (Thorne’s Theater of Terror) – horror author, narrator and content contributor.

Rev Hagen – Courtesy of SCRM

Rev. Hagen – (Off the Beaten Path) – paranormal investigator and movie reviewer.

Manimal – Courtesy of SCRM

Manimal – (Manimal’s Mayhem) – writer, narrator, photographer and content contributor.

Beef Wine and Shenanigans – Courtesy of SCRM

Beef, Wine and Shenanigans Crew – (Beef, Wine and Shenanigans podcast) – horror, sci fi, movies and more – presented from a black nerd perspective.

Mr Black Pasta – Courtesy of SCRM

Mr. Black Pasta – (Black’s Kreepy Kastle) – writer, singer, musician, narrator and content contributor.

Tra Cee – Courtesy of Tra Cee

Oh, and me – Tra Cee – (Films of Fears and Eerie Exclusives) – interviews with horror writers, directors, actors, producers, artists, authors, and more.

1428 Elm: Do you feel the horror genre is more encouraging of women as artists?

Tra Cee: I think it is getting there, but it is still a very male dominated genre. I’ve had people who like the SCRM Radio page start their Direct Messages to me with Dude…there is an automatic assumption that if you like horror, have a horror magazine, podcast, blog – or station – you are a man. I am here to say – horror chicks rock, you know?

1428 Elm: Are you accepting new talent on SCRM? What do you look for?

Tra Cee: I am always looking for new content for the station. I look for content that catches, and holds, my attention. Voice actors, talented narrators and writers that tell stories that take you back to the time when families gathered around the radio to listen to stories that painted pictures.

And no – to be clear – I am not looking for comedy, romance, religious or political programming. I want to serve the underserved horror community, and do the best that I can to bring them content that they can appreciate.

1428 Elm: What’s in store for SCRM in the future? How do you see it growing?

Tra Cee: World domination! I want to see this station grow to be everything it is capable of being. SCRM Radio is unique in what it offers and I intend to, with the help of my hosts and contributors, stay around for a long time. Horror isn’t going anywhere, and neither are we.

1428 Elm: To those who have a thirst for horror and may not be on social media, how can they find you?

Tra Cee: Our website is and we can be found on Streema, YouTube, tunein, iTunes, and  All you need to do is type in SCRM Radio. We have our own app as well.

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