Twin Peaks – The Return: There’s fire where you are going

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Twin Peaks – Woodsman – Courtesy of Showtime

The Good and the Verdict

The Good

In my past recap and reviews of the show, I have postulated the idea of portals or vortices to other dimensions and universes within the realm of Twin Peaks. Tonight, we were actually given a glimpse into this world.

When Gordon catches sight of the woodsmen in a room, he was transported to another plane of existence for a brief moment. This is the world of the black lodge, BOB and perhaps the last known home of Major Garland Briggs and the real Dale Cooper.

Could this be an explanation of how BOB is able to inhabit body after body? Is this how he alternates between the world of the known and unknown? Now, we are getting somewhere!

The pacing of the show was on track and there were no distractions. Scenes flowed smoothly and still retained the Lynch/Frost quirkiness that we all know and love. While this has been a slow reveal for some viewers this show was proof to me that answers are coming.

Cooper to the Rescue

We also learned courtesy of Albert and Gordon that the coordinates on Ruth Davenport’s arm point to a small town in the north. Could this be Twin Peaks? Are they being given clues to meet up with Cooper once he shows up? This is bound to be where the ultimate clash between Mr. C and Dale will occur.

Perhaps the biggest clue to me was the cherry pie. The way that Dougie/Coop reacted when he heard the phrase, “damn good.” This was another trigger. To me, the appearance of the cherry pie was symbolic. It was almost like a wink from Lynch and Frost letting us know that Cooper is on his way.

The Verdict

The action is heating up. Slowly but surely, plot points are coming together. Character stories are converging.

I feel as if we are gearing up for the ultimate showdown between Mr. C and Dale. Good versus evil and the winner will keep Twin Peaks safe. There is quite a bit at stake. Knowing Lynch and Frost the surprises will be plentiful and I am willing to go along for the ride.

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