Preacher Feature: Season Two, Episode Six – ‘Sokosha’


Our weekly Preacher roundup returns with Season Two, Episode Six, “Sokosha”

Welcome back, Preacher Feature fans! Thank you for joining us. You’re a treasure, really.

Season two, episode six, titled “Sokosha” is back to business as bloody usual for the Preacher gang. We open with a strange medical procedure that almost seems out of place, but, it’s Preacher, so, really, anything can work here.

A man agrees to extract 15% of… something… from his person in exchange for a large sum of money. The unknown substance is then sold to a wealthy old couple for a hefty profit. Could it be part of the man’s soul? I bet it’s part of his soul. The Japanese man who transports the souls is kept very secure on an armored truck.

Meanwhile, remember how the Saint of Killers visited Viktor in the last episode and killed him and almost killed his daughter? But the daughter agreed to bring him to the Preacher? Well, it’s happening. The daughter sends the Saint to the wrong apartment, giving Jesse, Tulip and Cassidy just enough time to make their escape. The whole floor of the apartment building has been shot and slashed all to hell by the Saint, but the real tragedy here is that the gang had to abandon a perfectly good pancake breakfast. Such loss.

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Let’s have a moment of silence for that breakfast.

The gang goes to the library to search for information on the Saint of Killer’s weakness. Seems as good a place as any. And it is! You’d be surprised how much information is readily available on this one specific folk lore feature.

Denis has not been warned about the looming threat in the apartment, so he returns, unaware. Cassidy tries to call him to warn him, because he clearly cares a great deal for his friend Denis. Preacher to the rescue. We finally see a one-on-one confrontation between Jesse and the Saint of Killers, and it’s surprisingly civil.

Both actors bring an intensity and snarling swagger to the scene and it’s – quite frankly – delightful. This is the first time we’ve seen the two actually exchange words and not just bullets.

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Turns out, the Saint needs a soul to get back to see his family in Heaven. He gives Jesse one hour to deliver, but in the meantime he’s going to keep Cassidy, Tulip and Denis under his watchful eye. Or, you could say he’s holding them hostage. Either or.

Luckily the Preacher knows how to get his hands on a soul. How? Something about the family business, he says. Preacher! Your endless hints about your family are going to be the death of me! It’s just one big fabulous and dark mystery and I demand to know more. That’s what will keep us coming back though. Well done, showrunners. Well done.

Preacher is really, really good at a few very important things. First off, their casting is perfection. They know how to film a damn good action sequence. Their musical score is on point. But most importantly, they know how to set up a damn good hook.

Things we need to know: who is Denis? Who is this mysterious white-clad ninja organization? What’s the deal with Jesse’s family history? Where is God? So many questions.

Back to the story, Jesse tracks down the Japanese armored truck and needs to break in to get a soul. He calls Tulip who – as it turns out – is exactly the right person to call if you need to break into an armored truck. Once again, a reminder that this babe is a badass boss.

Our Preacher gives up 1% of his own soul as it’s the only one that makes a good match for the Saint of Killers. Poor Denis is very ill and we find out that he’s actually Cassidy’s son. Heartbreaking! (That’s one question answered).

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The Saint of Killers gets his soul and is ready to go to Heaven, as per the agreement. Jesse, however, has other plans.

My darling Preacher. While I support your decision to lock the Saint in the impenetrable armored truck and drive it into a swamp, I just know this is going to come back to bite you in the ass. In a big way. I mean, surely you can’t wrap up that whole built-up conflict in one episode, right? I mean, it’s too easy. It’s messy. There’s room for backlash here.

I’ll be waiting.

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