Evil Dead 2: Dead by Dawn (1987): 10 Things You Didn’t Know

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Photo via De Laurentiis Entertainment Group

9. Freddy Krueger’s glove is shown in the film (twice)

Eagle eyed viewers have spotted what appears to be Freddy Krueger’s glove in the film. Their eyes aren’t deceiving them. Freddy’s glove was purposely inserted into the film by Raimi, and it shows up not only once, but twice overall in the movie.

One of the Freddy gloves hangs on the wall in the shed where Ash carves up his girlfriend’s head. Once you see it, there’s no mistaking what it is. The trademark long claws are completely visible and you’ll never be able to unsee it after you know.

But that’s not all. Later, when Ash is in the cellar of the cabin, Freddy’s glove is seen hanging on the all again. Apparently, this was placed into the movie as a way of paying back Wes Craven, who included a scene of Nancy watching The Evil Dead in the first A Nightmare on Elm Street.