‘Friday the 13th’: Pamela Voorhees in original ‘Jason X’ script!?


Writer Todd Farmer recent came to The Movie Crypt for a ‘Jason X’ commentary and revealed Pamela Voorhees was originally in the tenth ‘Friday the 13th’.

Friday the 13th’s crappiest sequel could’ve been a lot better.

While listening to the recent Jason X commentary, I found something every Camper must hear. An exclusive for The Movie Crypt backers, the track features writer Todd Farmer, Adam Green and Joe Lynch diving into the 2002 sequel. Discussing both what is and what almost was, the conversation lands on the possibility of Pamela Voorhees being in the film — it’s about to get deadly good.

Check out what Farmer says about Mrs. Voorhees being in the original Jason X script, courtesy of The Movie Crypt:

"I don’t remember what it was, I think she (Betsy Palmer) was 100 grand. The idea was, and they were all arguing with me, they access the history of of Crystal Lake. And they find the mother (Pamela). They bring her back, he comes through, and he sees her in the water. She’s drowning. He goes over to save her but he dunks her, he drowns her. But it’s not Jason. All these years he’s been physically consistence, now we can show something different emotionally. But both Sean and Jimmy (director) said Jason doesn’t hurt his mother."

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Huh, this is about as interesting as it gets Friday Freaks.

Personally, I love the idea. When Jason becomes “Uber-Jason”, he transforms into something else entirely. Still a fierce killer, he becomes even more robotic and driven to kill. And while the two share a lot of similarities, I love the idea of using the altered Jason killing his mother as a way to show he’s deadlier than ever. That even his mother can’t calm him like she’s done in the past. That he is, in fact, modified.

One of the best villains in horror, adding Pamela Voorhees to a Friday the 13th film is always a good idea. The first to kill in the iconic series, Mrs. Voorhees is interesting for a multitude of reasons. From why she’s killing, to her deranged personality, it doesn’t get better than Crystal Lake’s former cook. Now, if we can only get her in the game….

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