Twin Peaks – The Return: Let’s rock out with old friends

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The Good, the Needs Improvement and the Verdict

The Good

Answers! We have had plenty of questions in season three and now we are starting to see the proverbial light at the end of the tunnel. The Blue Rose task force is back in business with its newest member.  Something paranormal is definitely going on. In my opinion, I believe that the Blue Rose environment deals more with alternate dimensions than actual UFOs.

Sarah Palmer has returned with all her craziness intact. Nothing has changed. She is still self-medicating. However, added to the mix is a new ability. She has become a clairvoyant. What appears to be a possession may in fact be a psychic ability.

An Interesting Theory

When she says that men are coming and things can happen, I believe she is talking about the showdown between good vs evil or Mr. C vs Dougie/Coop. Sometimes, according to the Bible, prophets when they were in the midst of various visions would resort to speaking in tongues. This is exactly what Sarah was doing except it is her own voice on the inside that is manifesting itself.

A tie in with this theory would be Diane finding out that the coordinates on Ruth Davenport’s arm lead to Twin Peaks. This tells me that something monumental is headed toward the sleepy mountain burg. People need to be prepared.

Audrey is back! Finally, the Twin Peaks vixen has made an appearance. We know she has a marriage of convenience, she is doing the horizontal mambo with Billy and she hates a chick named Tina. This was her introduction and I think we will be seeing more of her in the future.

Dr. Jacoby or Dr. Amp as a Greek chorus. Whenever he does his social rants or he peddles his Golden Shovel, he is commenting on the world we live in. That is exactly what a Greek chorus did in plays of yesteryear. He is always insightful and entertaining.

Needs Improvement

The bimbo scene in Gordon’s hotel room was amusing but the gags went on a little too long. Albert was annoyed and uncomfortable and so was I. The entire time I was watching the exchange I was silently screaming, “Just go!”

She reminded me of that one irritating guest at a party that doesn’t know when to go home. Everyone else is gone but they remain. Gordon was evidently enjoying the slow burn and those très chic stripper shoes but come on, David! It’s television. Quit lollygagging and move on. We have a lot of ground to cover and only six more episodes!

The Verdict

The scene in Gordon’s hotel room notwithstanding, the pacing of the show was decent. Elements continue to fall into place. With the addition of Audrey, some storylines should start making sense. We may find out if she is Richard’s mother.

Since Tammy has been added to the Blue Rose task force, we may see more forays into other dimensions via portals and other paranormal activities. Will Deputy Diane tell them that Davenport’s coordinates lead to Twin Peaks?

The acting is engaging and truthful. We believe these people inhabit the Twin Peaks world. Most importantly, we care about them. As an audience, we are invested. That bond is what keeps viewers coming back week after week. I can’t wait to see the places we will go!

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