Preacher Feature: Season Two, Episode Seven – “Pig”


Our weekly Preacher roundup returns with Season Two, Episode Seven – “Pig”

Welcome back my Preacher Feature darlings! How are you? I’ve missed you! Let’s get caught up, shall we?

This week was another round of introductions and ruminations. This time we’re spending some good ol’ fashioned quality time with the newest face in town, Herr Starr.

We open in Vietnam where a floating pig has the locals all in a tizzy. Herr Starr – leader of

the bleached ninjas

an organization called The Grail – rolls in to investigate. We’ll get back to that.

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Meanwhile, the gang rocks up to a sketchy bar where the locals have a fun and wild game of shooting each other (while wearing a bulletproof vest, of course… safety first) with increasingly bigger guns. It’s a unique form of gambling that Cassidy is so well equipped for. The gang puts on a convincing – if not overdramatic – show of making sure Cass is shot with the biggest gun (for the biggest profit) before playing dead, causing this bar-of-ill-repute to clear out pretty damn quickly.

The gang drinks in peace and Denis tries to convince Cassidy to turn him into a vampire (with the help of a French professor). Cassidy refuses. Tulip – who seems like she’d be a fun drunk – is unconvinced that the Saint of Killers is really gone for good. Girl, I don’t blame you. He’s down in that swamp somewhere and he has gotta be pissed. Jesse tells her that she needn’t worry, everything’s gonna be fine. But something ain’t right and Tulip knows it.

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She’s plagued by unsettling dreams about the Saint coming back to kill her. It’s clear that she’s deeply shaken by the whole ordeal and is well aware of the fact that the only reason she wasn’t killed already was because Cassidy stepped in to try and help when Jesse was late with his soul delivery.

It’s a rare moment of vulnerability for Tulip. We have constant reminders of how brazen and badass she is, but this episode reminds us that she’s still deeply human.

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Meanwhile, we get a flashback to Herr Starr’s trials of The Grail. Each round mimics some sort of secret agent testing program – there’s physical and mental tests, ranging from hand-to-hand combat (at which Herr Starr excels) to the art of seduction (which he doesn’t quite grasp but his methods are still undeniably effective).

The sequence is – as we’ve grown accustomed to with this show – well shot, darkly hilarious, and appropriately violent. Herr Starr is the new Big Bad and he’s wonderful to watch. He’s ruthless, on-task, and he gives zero fucks about anyone else. Pip Torrens is fabulous and – once again – Preacher shows that one of its strongest points is its casting.

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We learn that The Grail organization is out to preserve the lineage of Jesus Christ (you’ve gotta be prepared for the apocalypse) and manage any false prophets. In Vietnam, this means killing a village for worshiping a floating pig. Next up, it means hunting down our Preacher.

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Meanwhile, back in New Orleans, Jesse seems to have second thoughts about splitting up his soul. And he probably should. He has literally sold his soul at this point, and as an already morally compromised preacher, that can’t be good. This is most definitely going to come back to haunt him. Much – I imagine – like our dear friend in the swamp.

After suffering through regular nightmares, Tulip goes back to the bar to play the game herself. As she is shot, she stares down the barrel and imagines the Saint of Killers pulling the trigger. She gets knocked down, but she gets up again. You are never gonna keep her down. It’s an unnerving moment, seeing the fire in her eyes as she commands “again”. I sense a growing problem here.

Stay tuned for next week’s episode!

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