Twin Peaks- The Return: What story is that, Charlie?

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The Good, The Needs Improvement and The Verdict

The Good

The plots are really progressing now. There are just five episodes left and everything is building to a crescendo. Now that we know Vegas law enforcement ran fingerprints on Dougie/Coop and his prints matched Agent Cooper, hopefully that will get back to Gordon and company.

Maybe if Dougie/Coop sees Gordon he will wake up. Being in the presence of Diane could also have the same affect. That might be the trigger that could resurrect our intrepid sleuth.

Everything seems to be headed toward a showdown in Twin Peaks. Perhaps Mr. C wanted the coordinates that Diane and Albert found so that he could confront Agent Cooper there.  I am envisioning a battle between good and evil for the soul of that little mountain town and all its residents. We are on the verge of some epiphanies and I hope Lynch and Frost keep the momentum.

The Needs Improvement

For those of you that regularly read this series, you know that I am all for Lynch’s little interludes and quirks.  However, I felt that one section in particular should have been fleshed out a little more. The scene with Chantal and Hutch in the car seemed haphazard and added at the last minute.

Where are they going? What are they doing? We can speculate that they are headed out to kill someone as requested by Mr. C.  This was a far too brief segment with no real value. It needed more purposeful dialogue. Otherwise it is just a waste of the actors’ time.

Another scene that was along the same lines featured Becky calling Shelly at the Double R. We are trying to set up a potential problem with Steven but this was very disjointed and out of place. This could have also used further development.

The Verdict

Despite the two weak scenes, on the whole, this was an excellent episode. We are moving along, stories are being told and there is a direction. Yes, the characters and the experiences are a tad bit off but that is the world of Twin Peaks. It keeps us on our toes as viewers. That is why we come back and visit every week.

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