Die! Sitter! Die! Rupert!: A short descent into mad depravity


Recently at 1428 Elm we had the pleasure of reviewing the latest effort from the Boxleitner brothers, Die! Sitter! Die! Rupert. Over twenty-six minutes of pulse pounding terror, it is a short film that you won’t easily forget.

It’s about to get weird!

Champagne Dreams on a McDonald’s Budget

Written and directed by Lee Boxleitner and co-written by his brother, Sam, Die! Sitter! Die! Rupert is a throwback to those wonderful slasher films of the 80s. Think When a Stranger Calls or even Halloween where a babysitter is being terrorized by someone other than the kids that are left in her charge.

Imagine being a broke, college dropout, well, unfortunately that is a fairly common scenario these days. That is the predicament Alison (Caitlin Reilly) finds herself in. She is working three jobs and struggling to pay off mounting debt. Some of it incurred due to her mother’s cancer treatments.

Her boyfriend, Phillip (DeMille Cole-Heard) isn’t that sympathetic. Instead of understanding her situation, he keeps whining and nagging her about how they don’t spend any quality time together. When Alison has to take a babysitting job at the last minute, Phillip becomes angry because it interferes with his plans for a special evening.

Die! Sitter! Die! Rupert 3 – Courtesy of Film with No Name Entertainment

Terrifying Adventures in Babysitting

The two fight and Phillip drops Alison off at this palatial estate. Tacked to the front door is a simple note from Marguerite stating that she had to leave early and Baby Rupert is upstairs. Perhaps Alison should have thought about that before entering the house. Who would leave an infant unattended? But wait, it is about to get even stranger.

While she is sitting in the living room, she hears a strange noise in the baby’s room. It sounds like someone is stomping around upstairs and the baby’s cries become more agitated and frantic. Jumping up from the couch, Alison opens the front door and tells whomever is upstairs that she has dialed 911.

Things seem to go quiet for a moment but then Rupert starts crying again. Alison ascends the stairs to check on him. Opening the door, she steps inside and tentatively makes her way toward the crib where she makes a horrible discovery. What is waiting for her in the shadows is even worse than any nightmare she could imagine.

The Good and The Verdict

The Good

The music is very effective in this short film. It reminds me of Carpenter’s electronic scores in the 70s. Utilized at the right times, it adds to the tension and the suspense creating a crescendo effect.

Caitlin Reilly and DeMille Cole-Heard are extremely believable in their roles. They are committed and truthful. It doesn’t feel like acting. When Reilly is terrified, you are frightened for her. As for Lee Boxleitner, all I can say is his performance conjures up Vincent D’Onofrio in The Cell. Trust me, it is a testament to his direction, writing ability and his acting.

The Verdict

Die! Sitter! Die! Rupert is worth your time. If you enjoy 80s era horror flicks, this one is for you. You will be disturbed but in a good way!

This film will stay with you for days. I saw it last week and it is still rolling around in my brain. The premise is original and the execution is flawless. Even some interesting gory bits too, if that is your thing.

Hopefully, we will be seeing more creations from the Boxleitner brothers. This critic will definitely be looking forward to them. Perhaps a feature length movie is on the horizon. Fingers crossed.

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Have you seen Die! Sitter! Die! Rupert yet? If you have, what did you think of it? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below. We want to hear from you!